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HEE business plan

HEE provides system-wide leadership and oversight of the education and training of healthcare staff to help the NHS provide the highest quality care for all. We are part of a respected service, helping to develop a world-class healthcare workforce which is improving the care provided to our citizens that is compassionate and effective.

HEE business plan 2018-19

Our vision 

This is what all our efforts are ultimately striving to achieve. The continuous improvement in the quality, compassion and safety of healthcare for the population and patients of England is the end result. 

Our purpose 

This is effectively the HEE mission statement and the means to achieving the end result. The correlation between the work that HEE does and its link to the quality and outcomes for patients is well understood. This is why HEE exists. 

Corporate objectives  

Our corporate objectives were created in 2016 in response to our developing role and to help cement our purpose. 

  • Thinking and leading: We will lead thinking on new workforce policy solutions in partnership with the Department of Health and Social Care and others as appropriate to support high quality and sustainable services. 

  • Analysing and influencing: We will use high-quality data, evidence, advice and workforce expertise to influence the delivery of NHS priorities. 

  • Changing and improving: We will design and respond positively to innovative recruitment, retention, development and transformation initiatives locally, regionally and nationally which change and improve NHS services and quality of care. 

  • Delivering and implementing: We will deliver high-quality education and training, implement our Mandate and support partner-led programmes to improve the quality of care and services, guided at all times by the principles of the NHS Constitution. 

  • Focusing on tomorrow: We will strategically focus on the future including new roles and pathways to the professions and helping the NHS workforce embrace new technology. 


Our priorities are driven by the Long Term Plan and the workforce implementation plan. We deliver these by programme and project management. 

They are: