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Introducing Genomics in the North West

7 June 2022

Understanding how our genome – our complete genetic code – influences our health can mean better diagnoses, leading to new and targeted treatments, and even predicting and preventing disease.

To harness the benefits of genomic medicine to enhance patient care, the NHS North West Genomic Medicine Service Alliance (NW GMSA) was established in January 2021. The alliance is one in a network of seven regional alliances launched in England to oversee and co-ordinate the embedding of genomics into routine healthcare across England.   

HEE has recently provided the alliance with funding to provide education and training in support of a range of genomic transformation projects. This includes accelerating genomics integration in nursing as well as literacy and education within pathology across the region.

The alliance has dedicated workforce development leads whose role is to deliver programmes of support, education and development so that healthcare professionals are comfortable and confident when applying genomics within their scope of clinical practice.

Holly O'Dea and Glenda Beaman, Workforce Development and Health Education England Liaison Leads, are responsible for delivering education and training to NHS colleagues across the north west region. For more information, updates or support email holly.o'dea@mft.nhs.uk or glenda.beaman@mft.nhs.uk