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Step 1 - The organisation

The internet is your friend. First start with the HEE website. What is the purpose of HEE? What are we trying to do? The HEE vision and mission will help you here. Research the HEE structure - where will your job fit in? How does the job you are applying for support the purpose of HEE?

Look beyond the HEE website to the wider internet:

  • What are people saying about HEE?
  • How has it been in the news?
  • How does it connect to other Arm’s Length Bodies and the wider NHS?

If you don’t know much about how the NHS works and is funded, now it’s time to find out. The Kings Fund video is worth watching

  • How is HEE supporting the work of the NHS?
  • What are some of the drivers for change?
  • Thinking about the time horizon HEE operates over, what are some of the likely challenges and opportunities?
  • What are the organisation’s values?
  • What does HEE stand for?
  • What is important to it?
  • How does it treat people?
  • What can you expect – what is it like to work at HEE?

Values and your fit with these are important – you can expect questions on these at interview. Think about how you can demonstrate the values.

Find out about the Chief Executive and Chair, the Executive Directors: what are they like and what seems important to them?

Remember there is the preparation sheet here if you didn’t already use that in your application.