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Tell a story

In the employment history section, you must describe your career history and work experience one job at a time. This can come across as sometimes “bitty”, especially if you have undergone one or more career changes.

In the Supporting Information section, you have the freedom to draw your experiences to date into a coherent whole and “tell a story” that sells why you should be interviewed. You do this by providing great examples of achievement that demonstrate you have enough of “right stuff” that you could do the job, even if some training may be required.

You can present information grouped into themes rather than by time periods. You can create a “story” that paints your work history in a way that persuades the recruiter you are worth interviewing.

Focus on what the job needs are and how your experience proves that you have this.

Try to put something unique or memorable in your application – you want to stick in the recruiter’s mind (in a good way!).