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HEE core business

Every year HEE spends over £4bn educating and training the health workforce – over £11m every day to support 240,000 learners. We part-fund the salaries of most doctors in training. We invest in courses and contribute to clinical placement costs for students. We provide back-fill and salary support monies in some professions. We spend to design courses, buy equipment, support learners and educators and deliver online education. We manage the continuous professional development (CPD) funding for Nurses and Allied Health Professions on behalf of the NHS.

Multi-professional Education and Training Investment Plan (METIP)

HEE has established a new annual investment planning process called the Multi-Professional Education and Training Investment Plan (METIP). The METIP is not a workforce plan, but an investment plan for HEE’s ‘Future Workforce’ and ‘Workforce Development’ budgets – around 90% of HEE’s spending – which includes funding the future workforce supply needed to deliver NHS workforce strategies. It will enable HEE to respond positively to NHS workforce challenges through prioritising its spending to generate the biggest and best impact for patients.

Each year’s METIP will set out both the activity intentions and related HEE funding policy for that activity. Only 20% of the ‘Future Workforce’ budget is amendable annually, so the METIP will also take a longer-term, multi-year view of the investment decisions required to develop the future professional NHS workforce.

The final 2021/22 METIP will be determined by HEE’s final budget and the growth of training numbers as a result of increased university applications and admissions. The planning processes will provide transparency and further rigour to HEE’s approach, ensuring value for money on behalf of the taxpayer. Over future iterations, the METIP will help HEE align its available funding with service workforce requirements and the desired geographical distribution of activity.

The ongoing impact of COVID-19 on learners will be monitored and mitigated and inform future planning. Immediate funding support will be additional to set budgets.

Full details are included in the METIP, published with this Business Plan. In summary we will spend

£2.3bn training post-graduate doctors and dentists; £1.2bn supporting the clinical education of undergraduate Medical, Dental, Nursing, Midwifery, AHPs and Health Care Scientists through clinical placements and £0.8bn educating postgraduate trainees such as Clinical Psychologists and Health Care Scientists.

We will fund education and training for 240,000 learners including 49,000 doctors and dentists, 79,000 student nurses and midwives and 28,000 AHPs. The money is allocated by activity to every NHS Trust and thousands of GP surgeries across England, ranging from £285m in the South West to £793m in London.