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Measurement and accountability

HEE is accountable to DHSC, our learners, patients and colleagues, for the delivery of our Mandate and Business Plan. HEE’s performance framework will therefore be structured around the Business Plan to demonstrate how we are delivering against our strategic goals and objectives.

An initial suite of indicators has been identified, however, these are based on existing indicators in use within HEE. During 2021, HEE is undertaking the next steps in its performance maturity journey to redefine the KBQs and reshape the indicators we use to reflect our performance. This will allow us to better reflect our goals and the expectations of our partners, our own staff and the healthcare professionals of today and tomorrow.

Core indicators will be designed with a greater focus on outcomes, continuous quality improvement and transformational change. They will be developed robustly by examining our existing indicators for continued suitability and asking KBQs to trigger new indicators more closely aligned to our objectives, core business and internal drivers of success. This will ensure greater consistency and transparency with information available regionally and nationally. Performance will be reported to the Performance Assurance Committee and Board with the necessary frequency and timeliness to support an agile approach to tracking progress. This process has already started and a final set of KBQs is expected to be approved at the end of May 2021, following which, key performance indicators (KPIs) will be aligned, and development work to design any new indicators commenced. A new performance framework outlining all key performance indicators will be added as an addendum to the Business Plan in the summer of 2021.

The internal assurance processes are also being strengthened with a new Regional Assurance Framework in development. The Chief Operating Officer will oversee performance and accountability via the Finance, Performance and Portfolio Group, regular one-to-ones and the Operational Delivery Group. The Director of Corporate Accountability and Engagement will lead communications and engagement around the business plan to aid understanding amongst stakeholders and improve both our transparency and broader accountability.