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Plan on a page

HEE’s strategic framework (Plan on a Page) outlines our strategic goals, annual objectives and key foundations of success, mapped into a performance framework.

As part of our annual review of the Plan on a Page we agreed that now is the time to be bolder, more ambitious and aspirational. We have refreshed our strategic goals to better reflect our role as system leaders for education and training and partners across health and care. Our new annual objectives support these three strategic goals. HEE’s foundations of success, values and ensuring value for money complete the framework.

HEE is part of the NHS, and we work with partners to plan, recruit, educate and train the health workforce.

Download Our Strategic Performance Framework diagram

Strategic goals

  • Future workforce - Reform clinical education to produce the highest quality new clinical professionals ever in the right number

  • Current workforce - Transform today’s workforce to work in a co-operative, flexible, multi-professional, digitally enabled system

  • Quality - Assure and deliver with partners, quality education and training that is rigorous, highly sought after and future focused.

Multi-professional education and training investment plan - Investing in the health workforce of today and tomorrow


  • Increase supply of nurses and AHPs
  • Widen access to health careers
  • Increase GP training places
  • Increase Mental Health and Cancer workforce
  • Increase primary care professionals
  • Medical education reform


  • Technology enabled education and training
  • Multi-disciplinary team expansion 
  • Advanced clinical practice expansion
  • Develop operating model and ICS
  • Strengthen volunteer and carer training


  • Patient safety syllabus 
  • Quality framework and strategy
  • Learners' voices are heard
  • Learning environment improvement

Our foundations for success

  • Best Place to Work - We will collaborate to maximise our individual and collective potential by becoming a great place to work
  • Continuous Quality Improvement - We will operate a culture of continuous improvement in the delivery of our priorities
  • Governance and decision making - We will be well governed with fair, timely, robust and inclusive decision making
  • Digital First - We will engender the right culture, environment and support to enable all HEE staff to create the best digital services for our users
  • Partnership co-operation and collaboration - We will work with partners to deliver shared priorities to improve the NHS.

Our values

  • Responsible
  • Inclusive 
  • Confident
  • Fair

The programmes and projects to deliver our objectives will be underpinned by our five foundations of success – Best Place to Work; Digital First; Improved Governance and Processes; Cooperation and Collaboration; and a performance improvement culture.

In early 2021 we engaged colleagues across HEE in defining our own values and behaviours that align with the NHS Constitution, but also reflect our unique role and how we want to work with each other. How we embed them and learning from the pandemic into our future operating model will be a key task. This work will continue through 2021/22 and be reflected in next year’s Plan on a Page.