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Public Health in the east of England

Public health is about improving and protecting the health of groups of people, rather than about treating individual patients. Public health consultants must look at 'the bigger picture' and then take action to promote healthy lifestyles, prevent disease, protect and improve general health, and improve healthcare services. The population they are working for could be a rural community, an entire city, or the global population, but the principles remain the same.

For information specific to training as a specialist or as a practitioner in public health in the east, visit the School of Public Health pages here. For some of the initiatives HEE is involved in in the region, see below.

Public Health Workforce Development

HEE commissions and supports delivery of the Specialist Training Programme for Public Health Specialists in the east of England.

A Public Health Practitioner programme has been established in the regionand has recruited to 4 cohorts (of 10) and the first few practitioners have now achieved registration.

As part of the review and new approach towards a new quality improvement framework, HEE will be encouraged to move from a Clinical Learning Environment (CLE) to a Health and Wellbeing Learning Environment. Clinical education is a fundamental part of nursing, midwifery and allied health professional education and forms more than half part of the curriculum. In clinical education, opportunities are given to students to prepare themselves for their future clinical work. The proposal for a shift towards a health and wellbeing learning environment will encourage a cultural shift towards lifestyle and behaviour education and embed the principles of health improvement within clinical education and not seen as an ‘add on’. Furthermore there will be opportunities within the development of the LWABs (Local Workforce Action Boards) and the support to STPs (Sustainable Transformation Plans) for health and wellbeing activities for the wider health and social care workforce.

A Health and Wellbeing Working Group has been established across HEE with the view of developing a programme of activities for staff wellbeing. This will include training Workplace Champions, producing an action plan from the staff survey results into health needs and will support the Workplace Wellbeing Charter.

Health Coaching

Health coaching has been a key initiative in east of England since 2010. The programme involves training for clinicians to deliver person-centred care and behaviour change to improve health outcomes for people with long term conditions (LTCs). It enables clinicians to have conversations with their patients that are empowering and shared to motivate patients to self-manage, improve patient experience and satisfaction, support organisations to deliver effective long term conditions strategies and create clinical champions for shared decision making.

Over the last 4 years, HEE has run Health Coaching Skills Training Programmes for more than 775 clinicians (doctors, nurses and allied health professionals) in acute trusts, primary care, community service providers and CCGs in the east of England. This has utilised a ‘train the trainer’ approach to delivering health coaching workshops within their organisations to expand and sustain this initiative. This initiative built on and was developed from the work that Dr Penny Newman had undertaken with practice nurses and GPs in  Suffolk.     

For more information on health coaching, visit http://www.betterconversation.co.uk/


Public health key contacts:

Graham Seward - Strategic Development Lead   g.seward@nhs.net
Alistair Lipp - Head of the School of Public Health alistair.lipp@nhs.net


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