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University study

University study is ideal for people who typically like to undertake study on a full time basis, or would like a ‘clinical’ career (such as a doctor or nurse).

University study is a requirement of ‘clinical roles’ for example a doctor, pharmacist or nurse.

The career you wish to pursue will define the entry criteria to a course, the number of years you need to study, and the job options you have one you complete your training.

For aspiring GPs, an example of the ‘pathway’ (the steps you need to take from start to finish) to be able to practice is illustrated below. From leaving 6th form / college a typical route to complete GP training would take 8 years.

Nursing is a shorter period of study in university, typically three years for a degree programme.

University entry into any specialty area is very competitive and so making yourself a strong candidate by undertaking extra-curricular activities will help – work experience being one example.

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