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PSU Referral by Training Programme

Trainers and supervisors can refer a trainee to the Professional Support Unit when concerns have been identified through supervision, monitoring or unsatisfactory ARCP outcomes.

Making a referral:

  1. Discuss the referral and the reasons behind it with the trainee; this may increase their willingness to engage in the process. If a trainee is reluctant to be referred then a case manager could informally discuss their situation with them over the telephone.
  2. For medical and public health trainees, complete the Referral Assessment Form, and for dental trainees complete the Dental Referral Assessment Form in order to give a clear indication of how the trainee is performing and progressing. Please consider what should be included with the form. As much detail as possible is helpful.
  3. Send the referral form and all accompanying documentation via email to psu.em@hee.nhs.uk or via post to the Professional Support Unit at our office (see Health Education England - East Midlands contact details).
  4. A case manager will confirm receipt of your referral. This will be followed up by an initial meeting with the trainee to further explore and discuss the situation.  

What about confidentiality?

  • We always encourage the training programme to share the reasons for referral with the trainee and be as transparent as possible about giving feedback.  
  • The Professional Support Unit engages in a three way information sharing process involving the trainee, their training programme and the Professional Support Unit. This means all involved are kept up to date with feedback, progress and the support being offered to assist the trainee's development.
  • The content of the trainee's meetings with the Professional Support Unit will remain confidential unless there are concerns about patient safety, self-harm or harm to others; however, an action plan of support if appropriate will be shared with the referrer.

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