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PSU What's on this month...

We have a programme of activities aimed at supporting trainees across the East Midlands.

The Professional Support Unit (PSU) provides short-term, solution-focussed interventions for trainee doctors and dentists who are having difficulty progressing in training. Each trainee referred to the service has a dedicated PSU case manager who arranges support via specialist providers and then monitors their progress.

  • We're working with HEE local offices in east of England and West Midlands to see how we can work together more closely to streamline our processes and match them so we're all working to the same model.
  • We're further reviewing referrals to look at how we can support educational supervisors more with low risk issues.
  • We've issued our second newsletter to Training Programme Directors (TPDs), Heads of Schools (HoSs), Directors of Medical Education (DMEs) and programme managers as well as uploading to our website. 
  • We're putting together a feedback report for all the events we've delivered.
  • We're putting together a work plan for Perfect Day for phrase 3, which involves using iTap.
  • We're developing some guidance for ARCP panel members on who to refer to the PSU. 
  • We're supporting John Cottingham and Kath Eastwood with the trainee support role to bring it in line with the trainee doctors referral process. 
  • We are developing our in-house coaching skills, and have been coaching a number of internal staff and trainees with promising results.
  • We've added the delivery of in-house resilience training. This was delivered last in early February to Higher Gastro trainees, and the feedback was very positive. 

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