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Strategic workforce development – workforce

The strategic workforce development team supports the planning of future workforce requirements for health, public health, social care and the third sector across the East Midlands. This is essentially workforce planning, which is about ensuring that service has the people required in the right place, delivering the right care, at the right time.

Regional and National Networks

The team responds to national recommendations for workforce development, including the ‘Shape of Caring Review’ where it adopts an enabling function in the review and development of the nurse and healthcare assistant workforce. It is through this arrangement the team ensure that the workforce meets the needs of today’s patients whilst delivering the future workforce in a way that not only maintains safe staffing levels, but supports the service transformation necessary to improve quality of care.

The team has links with the:

  • national workforce planning network
  • national healthcare science groups
  • national workforce modelling collaborative
  • workforce information review group
  • HEE - national standardisation group.



The patient

We ensure the service is delivered by the right workforce with the right skills to ensure the right care for the patients is provided.

The learner

Our primary focus is to secure future workforce supply for all staff groups. Through workforce planning we ensure the right number of learners are in place to deliver future service plans and also ensure they are trained to be competent and capable staff that will work in health and/or care organisations.

The stakeholder

We work with our stakeholders to ensure we capture what is on the horizon and respond by working together to deliver the workforce required to deliver services based upon patient needs.

The tax-payer

We ensure we utilise the tax payer’s money to its best effect to ensure the NHS has the required workforce.

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