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Quality Showcase Event, 13 March 2015

During 2013, we worked with a number of stakeholders to improve the quality management of education and training across the region. As a result, new Quality Management visits to Trusts began in September 2014, which focussed on the positive work that was being carried out, rather than highlighting the negative. The results were huge, highlighting best practice for others to follow and demonstrating just how much the work of the Trusts is appreciated, and by celebrating successes, we also enabled the Trusts to feel proud of the work they are doing for patients in their care.

To highlight these examples of good practice, the Quality and Regulation Team ran a Quality Showcase event on Friday 13 March at the Imago Conference Centre in Loughborough. Attended by over 150 local stakeholders, the event included keynote speeches, as well as ‘the patient voice’, given by Phil Palmer; an example of how the staff at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston contributed to an excellent patient experience and how others can learn from the staff that cared for him. A market place of stalls, with eighteen examples of best practice, was also set up for attendees to visit during the day, to hear first-hand about the many great examples of what is happening in the East Midlands.

The event launched the new ‘Love Our Educators’ programme, which has been designed to recognise and support those responsible for delivering training in the East Midlands, and recognition was also given in the form of the HEEM Senior Educator Fellowship Awards. One final award, chosen by our Lay Partners, was given to their outstanding example of best practice on display, that being the Pilgrim Hip Fracture Project, managed by Theophilus Joachim, Associate Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon at Pilgrim Hospital, where care has been revolutionised.

“We are united by a passion for patient care.”

Kaye Burnett, Independent Chair, HEEM

“There are fantastic examples of quality work around the LETB, and by sharing them we benefit all.”

Professor Sheona MacLeod, Postgraduate Dean, HEEM

“The respect, dignity, excellent communication and dedication at Pilgrim (Hospital) was absolutely fantastic.”

Phil Palmer, 'the patient voice'.

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