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Competency based assessment

We facilitate competency-based foundation training for dental graduates from outside the EEA who are not exempt from the requirement to complete foundation training or those with one year or more of primary care experience who are not eligible/able to secure a place on one of our dental foundation programmes.

Dental graduates with the appropriate visas, GDC registration and English language testing score who have applied to join the performers list, will be contacted by our workforce support team to discuss the appropriate training needs.

Training practices can be based anywhere in the area and we will inspect and interview any practices/potential trainers who have not been involved in training previously or recently.

Tutorials are delivered in the practices and study requirements are arranged by the graduate and practice. There is an excellent opportunity for participants in the scheme to attend a four-day induction into the NHS programme, which is held at Bourne House, our state of the art training facility in Durham. There is also a number of opportunities to attend hands-on training days such as Sim-Man, minor oral surgery and endodontics.

We will assess the training needs associated with each application on its merits and inform the PCSA or PCT of our decisions.

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