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General professional training

Our 2 year highly praised longitudinal scheme has 12 training places. You train in practice as well as at Newcastle Dental Hospital, working 1 week in practice and 1 week in hospital where you rotate around 6 departments over the two years.  Employment is provided by Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The salary is based upon 50% of the DF salary plus 50% of the Dental Core training (year 1) pay scale.

To apply to GPT Scheme visit Oriel

This is a highly regarded and popular scheme for graduates wishing to expand their career options.  GPTs work between practice and Newcastle Dental Hospital – GPT practices will normally be within an hours drive of the Dental Hospital which is based in the city centre.

The study day programme provides MFDS/MJDF tuition on the hospital study days whilst the practice based programme delivers up to 30 DFT study days over the two years. The practice based days are linked closely with the other Dental Foundation schemes and the Hospital Study Day programme is overseen by an NHS Consultant. With both hospital and practice experience and potentially an additional qualification, GPT Trainees are ideally placed to follow a practice or hospital career in the future.

This year the study day curriculum has been adapted to blend a rich mixture of scheme based study days with multi-scheme days using the feedback from previous Foundation Dentists to guide our content. Online evaluations together with the inclusion of Trainee involvement programme planning help ensure we deliver programmes to meet your needs within the Dental Foundation curriculum.  Trainers recognise the importance of team spirit and work together to make this a reality to ensure no one is left out.  Our Induction in September includes an “Apprentice” type challenge to initiate that team spirit which is so important in making new friends and colleagues.

What our current General Professional Training Trainees say about the programme:

“GPT was the perfect start to a hopefully long and successful career. It has also given me the opportunity to pass my MFDS exams, both parts 1 and 2″.

Upon allocation to the GPT Scheme we intend, as last year, to publish on our website, details of the Training practices (there are no formal arrangements for visits to practices but you can do this yourself if you wish) and then to rank our Trainers following a time limited face to face meeting at a neutral venue. Your ranking at National Recruitment will then prioritise your ranked preferences. Final allocation will be made after this stage.