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National Recruitment - North East Opportunities

 Round 1: GP, core and run through programmes to commence August 2018

Vacancies will be advertised from Thursday 2 November 2017. The Round 1 recruitment window will open at 10am on Wednesday 8 November 2017 until 4pm on Thursday 30 November 2017. You can click through to the listed lead recruiters to find out further information. For certain programmes, unfilled vacancies will be readvertised in a further round of recruitment which will be held in February 2018.

2018 recruitment for Round 2 (Higher specialty programmes) will open in January 2018 -please check back for our indicative vacancies.

Round 1 Core training programmes

These are indicative numbers and subject to change throughout the course of the round.

Core Medical Training


 National Recruitment (RCP)

Core Psychiatry Training


 National Recruitment (N West)

Core Surgical Training


 National Recruitment (KSS)

Core Anaesthetics


 National Recruitment (W Mids)

Acute Care Common Stem: Anaesthesia


 National Recruitment (W Mids)

Acute Care Common Stem: Acute Medicine


 National Recruitment (RCP)

Acute Care Common Stem: Emergency Medicine (including run through Emergency Medicine)


 National Recruitment (RCEM)

Round 1 Run through training programmes

These are indicative numbers and subject to change throughout the course of the round.

Cardiothoracic Surgery


 National Recruitment (Wessex)

Clinical Radiology


 Royal College of Radiologists

Community Sexual and Reproductive Health


 Faculty of SRH

General Practice


 GP National Recruitment



 Royal College of Pathologists



 National Recruitment (York/Humb)

Obstetrics and Gynaecology


 National Recruitment (N West)



 National Recruitment (Severn)

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery  0-1  National recruitment (Severn)



 National Recruitment (RCPCH)

Public Health


 Faculty of Public Health

See the related documents section for Assessment centre checklist - what to bring with you to the assessment centre.

Round 2 Higher specialist training programme vacancies

Indicative numbers are published in January 2018 and remain subject to change throughout the course of the round.

Acute Medicine (with GIM)


 National Recruitment (RCP)

Cardiology (with GIM)


 National Recruitment (RCP)

Clinical Oncology


 National Recruitment (RCP)

Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (with GIM)    National Recruitment (RCP)
Endocrinology & Diabetes (with GIM)    National Recruitment (RCP)
Gastroenterology (with GIM)    National Recruitment (RCP)
Geriatric Medicine (with GIM)    National Recruitment (RCP)
Haematology    National Recruitment (RCP)
Medical Oncology    National Recruitment (RCP)
Neurology    National Recruitment (RCP)
Occupational Medicine    National School of Occupational Health
Palliative Medicine    National Recruitment (RCP)
Rehabilitation Medicine    National Recruitment (RCP)
Renal Medicine (with GIM)    National Recruitment (RCP)
Respiratory Medicine (with GIM)    National Recruitment (RCP)
Sport and Exercise Medicine    National Recruitment (RCP)
Chemical Pathology    RCPath
Forensic Histopathology    RCPath
Paediatric/Perinatal Pathology    RCPath
Medical Microbiology    National Recruitment
Infectious Diseases / Medical Microbiology    National Recruitment
Infectious Diseases / Medical Virology    National Recruitment
Emergency Medicine ST4    National Recruitment (YH)
ACCS Emergency Medicine ST3    National Recruitment (YH)
Anaesthetics    National Recruitment (ANRO)
Intensive Care Medicine    National Recruitment (ICMNRO)
General Surgery    National Recruitment
Otolaryngology    National Recruitment (YH)
Paediatric Surgery    National Recruitment (YH)
Plastic Surgery    National Recruitment
Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery    National Recruitment (YH)


   National Recruitment (YH)
Vascular Surgery    National Recruitment
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry    National Recruitment (NW)
Forensic Psychiatry    National Recruitment (NW)
General Adult Psychiatry    National Recruitment (NW)
Old Age Psychiatry    National Recruitment (NW)
Learning Disability Psychiatry    National Recruitment (NW)
Medical Psychotherapy / General Adult    National Recruitment (NW)
Old Age Psychiatry / General Adult    National Recruitment (NW)
General Adult Psychiatry / Old Age    National Recruitment (NW)
Paediatrics ST4    RCPCH

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