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Junior Doctor Advisory Team

The Junior Doctor Advisory Team (JDAT) was originally set up as part of the then North Western Deanery’s support strategy for changes to the junior doctors’ contract and working hours in response to the New Deal for Junior Doctors (1991). The role and function have evolved over time from the late 1990s expanding the number of fellows seconded from their training programmes with a wider leadership development remit beyond European Working Time Regulation (EWTR) monitoring. 

With the introduction of the junior doctors and dentists’ contract in 2016, rota patterns are improving in line with JDAT’s previous best practice guidance, and breaches in working hours are being closely monitored via exception reporting. As a result, it is likely that the function of the JDAT may change over time and, therefore, it was decided that the 2016-17 JDAT fellows would not be replaced in the next academic cycle (August 2017). While the future of the JDAT function across the North remains under review, the services currently offered by JDAT will not continue for the 2017-18 academic year.

For any rota or monitoring queries, we would advise contacting:

  • Your medical staffing department
  • Your Guardian of Safe Working Hours
  • Your Lead Employer (contact details below)
  • Your BMA representative.

    You can download the following documents at the bottom of this page:

    • JDAT Best Practice Guidance – Common Rota Queries
    • JDAT’s tips for checking new rotas for trainees on 2016 terms and conditions
    • Copy of both 2002 and 2016 terms and conditions (most up-to-date versions as of July 2017)
    • Code of Practice

    This Page was last updated on: 1 September 2017

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