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Courses for Junior Doctors

Ever found out about an interesting course too late to attend?  Or an opportunity a colleague took up that you never even knew about?


We have tried in this page to develop a summary of courses/training/opportunities available to trainee doctors in the North West and Mersey.  This is not an exhaustive list.

Please help us to build this up, by letting us know of any courses or opportunities that should be added to this list, or any changes to those below.


RCP and RCS courses for trainees (with links) – RCP and RCS courses



Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management

  • National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow Scheme – a national programme that awards 1-year placements for trainees (F2 to higher grade trainees) within arms-length NHS bodies through the FMLM.  A flexible, project-centred placement that allows trainees to work within colleges, NHS England, Health Education England, CCGs etc and organize and lead on a number of health-related projects such as national quality improvement initiatives, ‘agents for change’ events, medical reviews of national policy (e.g. review of 111 service, assistance in Keogh review highlighted trusts) or postgraduate medical education.  These national projects can take any focus, whether patient safety, medical education or clinical leadership.  Fellows apply for and are allocated, based on application score, to host organisations (e.g. NHS England, Royal College of Physicians).  Link:  https://www.fmlm.ac.uk/professional-development/national-medical-directors-clinical-fellow-scheme


North Western Deanery

  • North West Medical Leadership Programme – with the momentum and recognition of the pivotal role of clinical leadership in the NHS, the North West Deanery in 2010 developed an annual intake of fellows to undertake the programme alongside clinical training.  Contains an academic element contributing credits to a Diploma, mapped on the Medical Leadership Competency Framework, and a practical component comprising of workplace based projects.  A 2 year programme, for NW trainees at ST3+ level.  Link:  http://www.nwpgmd.nhs.uk/medical-leadership-programme
  • Medical Leadership in Practice Course – in association with University of Manchester Business School, this is a 5-month course consisting of action learning sets, workshops, online modules and self-directed study, as well as a small clinical project which introduces trainees nearing CCT to clinical leadership.  Contributes 15 credits towards a Masters programme.  Link: http://www.nwpgmd.nhs.uk/medical-leadership-practice-course


Mersey Deanery

  • Mersey Deanery Medical Leadership Programme – collaboration between RCP and Edge Hill University aimed at ST3+ introducing trainees to theory and practice of Clinical Leadership based on the MLCF.  Equivalent of the NW Medical Leadership in Practice Course.  A required programme for CCT.  Accredited for 20 Masters credits.  Link: www.merseydeanery.nhs.uk/mersey-deanery-medical-leadership-programme-for-senior-trainees
  • Introduction to SPSS course – 2-day course.  Link:  www.datasolutionservices.co.uk/stats-training-calender.php?s=74&subs=69
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Leadership for early career doctors – a PGCert from Lancaster University over 10 months with 6 days of lectures with the option of converting into an MSc in Medical Leadership
  • Effective teaching skills – 2-day workshop aimed at senior trainees
  • Advanced communication skills – 2-day workshop on improving and advancing communication skills of postgraduates.  For F1s through to consultants
  • Presentation and lecture skills – 1-day workshop
  • Preparing for Leadership course – 2-day course aimed at ST1-4 trainees
  • Critical Appraisal skills course – 1-day course in CAS
  • Interview Skills Course – 1-day course on interviews for all grades
  • Teaching Skills for Doctors – 1-day course for all grades

Link to the above courses and other specialty-specific events:  www.merseydeanery.nhs.uk/courses-and-events-calendar.  (NB some of these courses may no longer be available)

Mersey deanery also holds an evening teach-in programme in partnership with RCP (a series of free specialty-specific evening lectures held at the LMI).  These can be found at: http://www.merseydeanery.nhs.uk/rcp-local-events


NHS leadership academy


e-Learning For Healthcare


Medical Education Recognition (Higher Education Academy)

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy – the Academy allows professionals and individuals involved in higher education to apply for official accreditation of their teaching achievements.  This is recognised as an Associate Fellowship, Fellowship, Senior Fellowship and Principal Fellowship depending on level of experience and involvement in higher education.  If you are doing or have completed any official PGCert/PGDip/MSc in medical education or are a regular lecturer, this will give you recognition of your work.  Link:  www.heacademy.ac.uk/accredited-provision

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