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HEE working across the North West - Trainee Forum

Engaging and representing all trainees to deliver excellent education for quality patient care.

The aim of the HEE Trainee Forum is to have a representative for all training programmes and for those representatives to come together to share ideas and improve our training.

More detailed information (minutes etc) on individual meetings are given above together with details on the next meeting.

If you have any questions or would like to know the contact details of your training programme representative please contact: HENWTraineeForum@gmail.com


Position School Name
Joint Chair M Chris Brockelsby
Joint Chair NW Andrew Martin
Less Than Full Time Lead M Liz Huddlestone
Less Than Full Time Lead NW Aaron Sutherland

Terms of Reference

The document listed below lays out the terms of reference for the Trainee Forum as a Sub-Committee of the School Board chaired by the Postgraduate Dean Professor Jacky Hayden

It includes

  • The Forum Function
  • The Forum Membership
  • The Forum Structure
  • The Generic Trainee Representative Job Description

Position Papers from HEE working across the NW Trainee Forum Meetings


Trainee Administration Time Position Paper

Full document listed below.

Summary – basic principles

  • Administration time should be considered in all training programmes as needed to complete audit and other compulsory portfolio requirements.
  • An estimate of 1 hour per clinic would normally be required to complete clinic administration.
  • It is reasonable that trainees will have to justify how they are using their non clinical time.
  • Half a day would be usual minimal requirement but this will be variable depending on training programme and placement.


HEE working across the NW Trainee Forum Best Practice Principles Related to Rotation and Rota Distribution

Full document listed below

Summary – basic principles

  • Hospital placement should be confirmed as far in advance as possible with a minimum notice period of four months.
  • The working hour rota should be available at least six weeks in advance unless the rota is produced on an ad hoc basis around doctors’ availability.
  • Trusts will be supportive of leave requests given prior to rota distribution and make every effort to honour these.
  • Doctors should be given contact details of a person who they can contact regarding rota issues as soon as they are informed of hospital placement.
  • An easily identifiable contact person should be available at each Trust to discuss rota issues. Ideally this information should be available either by the lead employer or deanery website.
  • The Trainee Forum will highlight Trusts or Training Programmes that persistently fail to give adequate notice of rotations or rotas to the deanery and/or lead employer.

Study Leave Trainee Survey

Full document listed below


Trainees reasonable satisfied with the process and the majority state that budget should be controlled by the trainee programme director. There appears to be variability and a lack of transparency or knowledge of the study budget available. Greater transparency could be achieved by the budget controlled by training programme director being presented to trainee committee (STSC or STEC) on a yearly basis. The study leave process would be better if there was more flexibility rather than a yearly budget allowance.

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