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Behaviour change training

The following provides a list of recognised and relevant health behaviour change resources including relevant organisations and websites for further information.

Public health provider services offer a wide range of locality based behaviour change training on a wide range of health topics and at differing levels of academic content. Please contact your local provider teams for further information.

Level One Behaviour Change Training

  • Usually provided by local health promotion services and often topic specific – often short duration half day – one day sessions or online resources such as eLearning modules
  • Often referred to as “brief advice” “health chats” Describes a short intervention, delivered opportunistically (more informal than a brief intervention)
  • Non-academic and suitable for staff at all levels; whether in a clinical role or not

Level Two Behaviour Change Training

  • Brief interventions provide a structured way to deliver advice and constitute a step beyond brief advice as they involve the provision of more formal help, such as arranging follow-up support.
  • Can include brief advice/motivational interviewing
  • Non-academic and suitable for staff engaged in providing caring / clinical duties as part of a holistic approach to care

Level Three Behaviour Change Training

  • More specialised and in depth – uses counselling skills to explore the individual’s motivation to change
  • Uses a model of consultation based on empathy, collaboration and respect for autonomy. Motivational Interviewing is a client-centred form of counselling that can help motivate behaviour change
  • Requires specific motivational interviewing training, available widely via provider services/private sector/voluntary sector organisations

Accredited Public Health Modules

A wide range of accredited public health modules are available across the North West. These public health modules are provided by universities across the Northwest and are available via CPD Apply for healthcare practitioners across the Northwest who work clinically in a health care setting.

Alcohol Learning Centre

Part of Public Health England (PHE), the Alcohol Learning Centre is an eLearning programme that provides simple, structured health behaviour change training on alcohol for health professionals.


Phorcast is an online resource for Public Health careers, skills and training in public health. It signposts to a range of free online learning resources that are widely available and about public health – including Open University Learning Space, Skills for Health, eLearning Health Scotland and more.

Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH)

Royal Society for Public Health accredited (Ofqaul) programmes – broad range of public health related courses that are nationally recognised, quality assured and accredited. In particular, RSPH offer a Level 2 Award in Understanding Behaviour Change, aimed at the wider health improvement workforce, and developed to help learners understand the importance of listening and observing when developing relationships with individuals. The course covers communication styles combined with brief advice/intervention skills to improve health and wellbeing.

Vocationally related qualifications: directly relevant to the workplace and national health priorities. Around 100,000 students qualify through RSPH every year, through a network of UK wide registered training centres. Widely recognised public health education and training courses and quality assured.

We also offer introductory training on offering brief, opportunistic, individual health chats as part of everyday contact with patients. This is available through a free and easily accessible eLearning programme:

  • Access via OLM – eLearning Functionality (NLMS): For North West NHS organisations the package has been placed on the regional server and can be linked for delivery through the OLM – eLearning Functionality (NLMS). Please contact vleadmin@liverpoolch.nhs.uk for access to the URL
  • Scorm Package for Internal LMS Delivery: For those organisations with their own e-learning platform and which can accommodate Scorm Objects, can request the package for internal delivery. To obtain the relevant files please contact alison.farrar@lancashirecare.nhs.uk. In seeking to use this package for internal delivery organisations will be expected to periodically report key usage statistics

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