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Workforce Transformation

The primary purpose of the Workforce Transformation Team is to "develop a workforce which is responsive to changes in care, both now and in the future".

The team is a dedicated workforce transformation function in the North West within Health Education England, to support the increasing need for whole system service transformation. The recently published NHS Planning Guidance, calls for the development of the local health and care system Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), to accelerate implementation of the Five Year Forward View ambition. 

Integral to this is HEE’s commitment to support a modern workforce and the requirement to achieve this by providing meaningful local flexibility, whilst acting coherently to promote the necessary scale and pace of transformation.

How do we do this? - The Offer

The team's work programmes are supporting North West Healthcare Providers to transform their services through workforce by:

  • Supply: Developing a sufficient supply of highly skilled staff, to include identifying the workforce requirement, ensuring the quality of the supply and retention of supply
  • Upskilling: Enabling upskilling of the current workforce, to include safety and sustainability of care through transition as well as a more holistic and agile approach
  • New Roles: Developing and promoting new roles, to include Health and Care roles designed to meet a defined workforce requirement, warranting a new job title; the likely ingredients including a formal education and training requirement (whether that be vocational or academic), an agreed scope within the established Career Framework, national recognition (although not necessarily regulatory) by clinical governing bodies. Examples being Physician Associates (RCP), Nursing Associates (NMC), Clinical Pharmacists (RPS) and Medical Assistants (RCGP)
  • New Ways of Working: Developing and promoting new ways of working, to include developing a collective leadership culture, improved flexibility and a workforce which embraces research and innovation

You can see the Workforce Transformation Whole System Offer here and in the related documents below.

The Team

Primary Care

The Primary Care Workforce Transformation programme has successfully seen significant investment in a Core Foundation GPN programme, CDP, Assistant Practitioners, Advanced Practitioners, Apprenticeships and workforce planning.  Contributing to national deliverables as recommended and identified within the 10 Point Plan for General Practice, the Primary Care Commission and the General Practice Forward View, the Primary Care programme maintains a broad focus across the Primary Care workforce.

Key 2016/17 projects include:

For more information, please contact Liz Thomas, Senior Programme Manager on liz.thomas@hee.nhs.uk


Following the Shape of Caring Review (2015) and endorsement of all 34 recommendations by HEE, Key priorities for nursing in 2016/17 in the North West are:

  • Implementation of the nursing associate role
  • Embedding of the care certificate in all health and social care organisations
  • Developing a sustainable non funded model of preceptorship
  • Encouraging nurses to return to practice with a specific focus on Practice Nursing
  • Developing flexible routes into pre registration training
  • Adaptation training supporting transfer from one field of practice to a different field

For more information, please contact Juliette Swift, Senior Programme Manager on juliette.swift@hee.nhs.uk


The Workforce Culture programme aims to support health and care organisations to develop and maintain cultures of high quality, compassionate care.  Key 2016/17 projects include:

  • Cultural values assessment.  Roll out of training from September 2016 to upskill internal assessors to administer values- based Barratt cultural transformation tools, building capacity and ensuring sustainability within the whole health and care system
  • Team-based action research approach to changing culture and behaviours.  Working with local health and care teams from September 2016 to deliver and evaluate the 'COM-B' programme to determine the Capability, Opportunity and Motivation to change Behaviours 

For more information, please contact Juliette Swift, Senior Programme Manager on juliette.swift@hee.nhs.uk

Centre for Professional Workforce Development

The Centre for Professional Workforce Development (CPWD) is a unique partnership developed over the last decade that provides a strategic nexus across the multi-professional networks of Allied Health Professions, Healthcare Science, Pharmacy, Psychological Professions and Multi-Professional Public Health Practice. CPWD provides a single point of access to over 30,000 healthcare staff across 60 plus professions and disciplines in the North West who share common priorities and goals.

For more information then please view the CPWD website here.



The In-Hospital programme aims to support development of a hospital workforce responsive to changes in care. Key 2016/17 projects include:

  • Ring-fenced Assistant Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner training places for urgent and emergency care
  • Introduction of Physician Associate trainees in general medicine and emergency care
  • Upskilling of experienced Pharmacists with advanced clinical skills and non-medical prescribing to work in the Emergency Department
  • Supporting mental health Trusts to grow the Peer Support workforce, to enhance recovery and wellbeing and bring lived experience to the centre of mental health services

For more information, please contact Juliette Swift, Senior Programme Manager on juliette.swift@hee.nhs.uk

Community Based Care

The Community Based Workforce Transformation programme has successfully delivered a range of projects with a key focus on integrated care, person centred approaches and holistic working. 

Key 2016/17 projects include:

  • Person centred care through asset based approaches – 3 tiered training programme for health
  • Holistic Assessor programme – a training programme to develop health & care professionals in clinical reasoning and complex decision making applied through holistic assessment
  • Workforce Transformation currently offers holistic assessment training with a future programme to be confirmed
  • Volunteering – Improving the opportunities for volunteer recruitment, education, training/development and career progression
  • Care homes – Developing a training and development programme to support the care home workforce
  • Integrated Care – Developing an integrated care communications toolkit and creating communities of practice
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Integrated Nursing – a 2 year qualification (including rotational placements) for professionally registered staff working in health & social care to acquire skills to work and lead change in the arena of integrated care & patient centred services

For more information, please contact Helen Podmore, Senior Programme Manager on helen.podmore@hee.nhs.uk or Dianna Hollins, Senior Programme Manager on dianna.hollins@hee.nhs.uk

Case Studies

Our suite of case studies can be found on our dedicated page here.

Our video case studies are listed below:

Falls Response Service - Hear how the North West Ambulance Service and East Lancashire NHS Trust are working together to support local residents to stay in their homes after a fall.

Advanced Practitioners in General Practice - Hear how Advanced Clinical Practitioners from different professional backgrounds are training in General Practice.

Physician Associates in General Practice - Hear about a GP’s experience of having Physician Associate trainees in General Practice.

Community Minor Ailment Scheme - Hear how the independent prescribing course, supported by Health Education England, allows prescribers to treat minor ailments freeing up the demand on GP appointments.  

Community Specialist Paramedic - Hear how the North West are developing Paramedics to be based in the GP Practice to be able to work in the community.

Medical Assistants in Primary Care - Hear how one GP practice in the North West has developed a new Medical Assistant role, transforming the way they work and practice.


Contact Us

If you wish to:

  • find out more about our key initiatives
  • access support in changing services through using new roles, skill mixes, or other workforce solutions
  • access funding opportunities for this
  • share an example of a successful workforce transformation solution

Then please email henw.transformation@nhs.net or call 0161 6257366

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