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Skill Mix Solutions in Dementia Care resource pack

Dementia affects 820,000 people in the UK and costs the economy £23 billion a year – the Government has made dementia a national priority.

‘Living well with dementia: A National Dementia Strategy’ (2009) aims to ensure that significant improvements are made to dementia services across three key areas: improved awareness, earlier diagnosis and intervention, and a higher quality of care. The strategy identifies 17 key objectives with workforce being key to a number of these.

The purpose of this resource pack is to share examples of skill mix solutions in Dementia Care from across the North West region. To support providers of health and social care services to think creatively/adopt creative solutions to service needs through workforce transformation, by providing evidence of the improvements that can be achieved, and information on how these solutions can be implemented. This is in order to improve the quality of care in a range of ways, as well as improving efficiency and productivity of service provision.

Local Skill Mix Solutions

Skill mix solutions in dementia care can be found across the region and at different levels of the Career Framework for Health (Skills for Health, 2006), including:

  • Consultant Practitioners, level 8
  • Advanced Practitioners, level 7
  • Specialist Nurses, level 6
  • Assistant Practitioners, level 4
  • Volunteers

The resource pack includes examples of skill mix changes amongst non-medical staff. These solutions have been developed in response to the national dementia strategy by health and social care organisations in the North West of England. A range of examples have been included such as case studies, posters and slide presentations, from different professions such as nursing and the Allied Health Professions.

  • Career framework key elements
  • Dementia Skill Mix Event Speaker Biographies
  • Presentation: The Development of the Nurse-led Dementia Assessment Ward, Valerie Provan
  • Presentation: Supporting Care and Nursing Homes with Mental Health A New Approach, Kate Dutton
  • Presentation: Creating a Dementia Service in an Acute Hospital, Sue Burton
  • Presentation: The SeNS SHARED Programme and the Assistant Practitioner, Iain Skelton & Louise Cash
  • Dancing Recall: Making Connections
    By 2021 over a million people in the UK will be diagnosed with dementia. Daphne Cushnie, independent dance artist, reveals the positive impact delivering community dance has on people living with neurodegenerative conditions

Section 1 – Volunteers

  • Case Study: Helping Hands – Volunteers, Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

Section 2 and 3 – Support Workers

  • The Open Doors network: dementia and self-growth, Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Job Description: Open Doors Support Network Facilitator

Section 4 – Assistant Practitioners

  • Case Study: Assistant Practitioner: Dementia and Day Services, Stockport Council
  • Case Study: The Dementia Care Navigator Service, Mersey Care NHS Trust
  • Case Study: Memory Services, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Section 5 and 6 – Practitioners and Senior Practitioners

  • Poster: “Improving Together” – Implementation of Admiral Nurse Service
  • Poster: Communication and Comfort at End of Life, University of Cumbria
  • Poster: Developing a whole team approach within an acute dementia care ward, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Poster: Skill mix solution in Dementia care, University Hospitals of Morcambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

Section 7 – Advanced Practitioners

  • Case Study: Later Life and Memory Services, Five Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Case Study: Advanced Practitioner (Dementia), Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Section 8 – Consultant Practitioners

  • Job Description: Dementia Clinical Research Delivery & Development Lead
  • Biography: Valerie Provan, Consultant Nurse – Professional Head of Nursing MH & LD – Non Medical Prescribing Lead, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Section 9 – Whole Workforce

  • Case Study: Rapid Assessment, Interface and Discharge (RAID) Team, Pennine Care and Stockport NHS Foundation Trusts
  • Case Study: Warrington Dignity Champions Workshops, Warrington Borough Council
  • Poster: Dementia Champions: Our Role Explained, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Poster: Dementia Friends Initiative, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Poster: Life Stores in Dementia Care: A Collaborative MDT Approach, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
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