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Performance, Business Intelligence and Corporate Functions

As an enabling function for HEE North West to achieve its objectives by developing organisation capacity and capability and integrated approaches to business intelligence, perfomance and knowledge management, including strategic contract management and procurement, programme management office (PMO), administration and corporate functions.

Admin and corporate functions

Provides administrative support to members of Senior Management Team.

Contract management and procurement function

'Holds the ring' on the terms and conditions on which HEE North West manages its range of contract investments.

Strategic management of procurement and contracting processes across multiple organisations, professions and sectors, including ensuring the highest level of governance is achieved and best practice is used to drive improvements in quality, performance and innovation in contracts.

Maintains the HEE North West register of contracts and supports contract managers in the delivery of value for money, performance management, quality assurance and risk management of all contracts and services procured and managed by HEE North West.

Knowledge management

"The process of capturing, distributing and effectively using knowledge" in other words, ensuring everyone has access to the information and evidence they need to help them to do their jobs and ensure HEE North West is storing and sharing this as an organisation rather than "reinventing the wheel".


Leadership of overall performance agenda for HEE North West, developing the performance measurement and management function of HEE North West along with the supporting business intelligence function.

The function focuses on enabling senior and other operational managers within HEE North West to undertake perfomance measurement and management to lead the agenda, systems and processes, providing thought leadership as well as process expertise in how best to measure and manage performance.

Responsible for meeting performance requirements to the LETB Board and three LWEGs for areas in which stakeholders have a legitimate interest in perfomance.

Business Intelligence

The development and introduction of a Business Intelligence (BI) framework of analysis techniques that brings together a range of data that when viewed collectively, provides more meaningful information allowing managers to see patterns, emerging trends and to interrogate the data to gain a better understanding of what is happening in a given area.

Programme Management Office (PMO)

Lead and develop an evidence/practice supported programme/portfolio management approach to work programmes within HEE North West including robust evaluation.

Direct link with the HEE portfolio management team.


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