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Delivery plan

Our Delivery Plan for 2015/16 sets out what we aim to deliver for our members. It is developed with the HESL Board and the South London Membership Council and takes into consideration Health Education England (HEE)’s Mandate and business plan and our own Five Year Workforce Skills and Development Strategy.

As part of HEE, we need to deliver national priorities as described in the Government’s mandate to HEE. The mandate sets the national context for what HEE as one organisation will deliver and be held accountable for. It will include a wide range of specific commitments – for example on GP recruitment and Midwifery commissioning targets – and also describe the scope and detail of substantial national programmes such as Widening Participation. HEE’s Business Plan sets out how the thirteen LETBs will work together to achieve these important commitments. Our Delivery Plan outlines how we will work with our partners in south London to deliver these priorities.

This plan also sets out how we will respond to the wider changing context of the NHS, as described by the Five Year Forward View and more locally, the London Health Commission’s Better Health for London report. Health Education England, together with its wider system partners, have come together to issue the joint guidance called The Forward View into action: planning for 2015/16, coordinating and establishing a firm foundation for longer term transformation of the NHS.

The planning guidance highlights the importance of all health system partners – commissioners, providers, local authorities, LETBs, health & well-being boards – working collaboratively. HESL will play its part across the health economy in South London to make this a reality, and we will be working closely with Vanguard sites and the CCG Collaboratives in South East and South West London to align workforce, education and training with system transformation.

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