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Recruitment and retention to enable delivery

The project is intended to enable recruitment to, and the retention of, health and care professionals 

The project is an innovative proposal designed to address both immediate and longer-term workforce needs in the south west of England by the Association of Colleges – South West Bridgwater.  R2D is being piloted in Devon and Somerset.

It is designed by health and care providers and further education colleges (FECs).  R2D offers a scalable approach to addressing some of the fundamental needs of providers and employees.  Outcome based and offering high value for money (vfm), R2D will have significant impact.

While based on a generic framework, R2D is flexible, and is designed to be adaptable to local labour market conditions, allowing local solutions to workforce development and skills needs to be fashioned.  By using existing successful provider-college partnerships it has been possible to quickly operationalise R2D.  Beyond the initial funding period, R2D is expected to become a permanent feature of the region’s education and training landscape.

The target audiences for R2D are individuals currently unable to ‘get in’ or ‘go further’, but who have a strong empathy and desire to work in professional health and care roles. The target audiences comprise two groups:

  1. Young people and mature learners who often under-achieved during their time in compulsory education, and who as a result lack the formal qualifications (including in many cases English and mathematics) to gain entry to degree-level professions, including nursing.
  2. Existing health and care employees working as, for example, health care assistants (e.g. pay bands 3 or 4) who desire career progression but are prevented from progressing into degree required professional roles due to a lack of formal qualifications (including functional skills in English and mathematics). Association of Colleges – South West Bridgwater.  

The project aims to be completed in April 2016.

Ian Munro, Regional Director, Association of Colleges – South West Bridgwater said: ‘Building on three college-provider partnership operating in Devon and Somerset, R2D is enabling local solutions to be developed and tested in order to meet regional and national workforce development needs. By, for example, linking information, advice and guidance to progression pathways and the introduction of bridging programmes, current employees of, and new entrants to, the health and care sector are being given new opportunities for personal development.’

Anticipated benefits are:

  • Improving awareness and recruitment of potential recruits to the health and care sector, through the engagement of under-represented learner groups, including young people, who have not previously considered entering professional roles.
  • Improving retention by providing increased opportunity for personal development and attainment.
  • Improving organisational performance through addressing workforce development needs.
  • Long-term improvement through creating new assets and training and development provision, enabling activities to be sustained beyond the funding period in order to support individuals and enable organisational benefits.
  • Whole system improvement by developing and piloting delivery models across the provider- college partnerships, which are both transferable and scalable across all areas of the south west of England. To advance this aim, information about R2D with be widely disseminated through the networks facilitated by AoC South West and Health Education Network, as well as through national groups.

For more information, please contact Ian Munro.

This Page was last updated on: 7 December 2015

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