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Care Closer to Home

Hospitals may be the most visible providers of health care, but most health care provision occurs in the community. Community services include GP surgeries, health visitors, community nurses, pharmacists, dentists, physiotherapists and social care. HETV is working with all these groups and more to ensure that everyone can be cared for as close to their home as possible, and to avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital.

In the Thames Valley we are working to provide more services close to home for people with long term conditions, such as diabetes, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and dementia. People with dementia often find visits to hospital frightening, and an extended stay can make their condition much worse, so avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions is very important.

Helping people to manage their condition and to prevent symptoms worsening is a key part of care close to home. Primary Care practitioners in Thames Valley, such as Practice Nurses and GPs, are receiving training and support to implement person-centred care planning. Person-centred care planning helps people to set their own health goals and to meet them.

The Berkshire West GP surgeries introduced person-centred care planning for diabetes patients with marked success. This approach is being repeated for other areas and other long term conditions, with our support.

Bursaries for accredited courses in the Care of the Older Person

Deadline: Friday 27 February 2016

Interviews: Friday 11 March 2016


NB: This fund is primarily for registered staff, but non-registered staff who need accredited development not funded elsewhere can apply and we will consider those applications as well.

We are offering financial support to help NHS practitioners (non-medical) in Thames Valley to undertake accredited courses in the care of the older person, with an emphasis on person-centred care, preventing illness, maintaining independence and dignity, supporting mental health, and care close to home. Funding may be sought for any accredited course which helps practitioners to support the older person through person-centred care, up to and including Masters programmes. 

The Bursary scheme is open to Nurses, Midwives, Pharmacists and Allied Health Professionals in Thames Valley (Berks, Bucks, Milton Keynes and Oxon) who:

  • are currently registered to practice with the appropriate regulatory and professional bodies in the UK;
  • work in practice for at least two days per week for an organisation which provides healthcare for the NHS within Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes or Oxfordshire;
  • have at least one year’s post-registration practice experience;
  • have employer support to undertake the programme; and
  • are committed to improving the care of the older person


For more information please email Rhonda Riachi or call 01865 785520. Please note the application form is available in the related documents section below.



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