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Education Commissioning

The Education Commissioning Team works with NHS Trusts, Education Providers (including Universities and Further Education Colleges), and other health and social care bodies in the public and private sectors. We commission and manage a range of education and development opportunities to support the whole workforce.


Our work is governed and directed by a range of assurance processes (World Class Commissioning, Commissioning Assurance Framework) and input from NHS Trust Workforce Plans. In this way we ensure that funding for education and training is spent in the development of a workforce that is well trained, flexible and competent to meet changing public and patient needs in an increasingly cost conscious environment. Our key objectives focus on:

  • Supporting the Board in delivering the national goals on a local level.
  • Engaging with stakeholders to develop an integrated workforce education commissioning strategy (linked to the Local Delivery Plan and local workforce plans).
  • Delivering the education commissioning and quality strategy, including working with education partners to develop educational solutions for better patient care.
  • Ensuring that education commissioned is of high quality supported by high quality placement learning.
  • Working with medicine and dentistry to enable a joined up approach to education commissioning.
  • Supporting the unregistered workforce and the existing clinical workforce. We want to make sure all staff have the required knowledge, skills, competencies, values and beliefs to drive enhanced patient care.
  • Ensuring that students, patients and carers contribute to the education that is commissioned.



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