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Shine Awards and Annual Conference 2015

Innovation, integration – workforce development in action was the theme of the Health Education Wessex Annual Conference on Thursday 15 October. The conference was followed by the presentation of the Shine Awards 2015 to celebrate excellence in education and training for the NHS and to share best practice.

The conference was attended by 180 delegates from across the region. Key note speaker was Professor Ian Cumming, Chief Executive of Health Education England whose presentation talked about the major changes in genomics, demography and communication that will drive changes to the workforce. A challenging session to a panel followed with questions on new roles, engaging policy makers in education in training, junior doctors contract, looking after the healthcare workforce and the role of HEE in educating the public.

The Shine Awards was attended by nearly 300 people who were being recognised for their significant contribution to education and training for the NHS in Wessex. The presentation of the commended entries was followed by the announcement of the winners and presentation of the finalists. Visit the Finalists and Winners Shine 2015 page.


Guest speaker was the gold medal winning Paralympic rower Helene Dyson (Raynsford).

Helene gave a truly inspiring speech showing how ambition, perseverance and teamwork help you achieve your goals. Perfect themes that resonated with the finalists and commended Shine Award winners.




To order a photograph from the event please email the photographer directly. You will be emailed a medium sized jpeg of a file size about 800KB. Emailed photographs are complimentary for our Shine Award winners, finalists and commended projects, exhibitors and speakers. Should you require a different file size please let the photographer know. Professional printing can be arranged directly with the photographer at your expense.

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You will find the presentations in the Related documents section below


Key note speaker

Professor Ian Cumming, Chief Executive, Health Education England.
Presentation ⇒ HEE’s Vision for the Future – Ian sets out how HEE  educates and trains “the head, the hands and the heart”.

Challenge and Innovation Workshops

  • Training for Innovation – “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important,” Bill Gates.
    Presentation by ⇒ Professor Deborah Mackay  – “Educating for Genomics”
    Presentation by ⇒ Dr Kim Sykes – “Space Invaders: A new Frontier in Large Scale Simulation”


  • Quality and Excellence of the Current Workforce – There are some amazing examples of quality improvement developed by the Wessex workforce. This workshop showcases two examples which illustrate the power of teamwork and the “genius” idea.
    Presentation by ⇒ Dr Mike Clancy – “Quality and Excellence of the Current Workforce”
    Presentation by ⇒ Team Quality Improvement Fellowship - "Caring for dementia patients on a trauma and orthopaedic ward"


  • A caring Culture – HEW invests in excess of £100M in our workforce of the future. We commission programmes and deliver education that has a focus on caring and compassion but how do we extend these principles to our learners and staff?
    Presentation by ⇒ Debbie Knight – “Creating an Interactive E Induction to Welcome Staff to Portsmouth Hospitals and Provide Education in Essential Skills”
    Presentation by ⇒ Dr Ian Rodd and Dr Geoff Watson (For more information, contact faye.smith@wessex.hee.nhs.uk and we will pass on your details).
  • Excellent Education and Training – Excellent education and training needs innovative programmes that support personal and professional development AND an environment that supports learning at every step of the way…
    Presentation by ⇒ Adam Hughes – “Culture of Education & Training at Salisbury”
    Presentation by ⇒ Julie Parks and Helen Cruickshank – “Public Health Community Fellowship”


  • Integrated Patient Care – The traditional divide between primary care, community services, hospitals and social care is increasingly a barrier to personalised and coordinated services. New models of care are now actively breaking down these barriers…
    Presentation by ⇒ Simon Paul and Jacqui Skeel, Isle of Wight – “Introduction to My Life a Full Life & Vanguard”
    Presentation by ⇒ Sarah Austin, Solent NHS Trust and Andy Biddle, Portsmouth City Council – “Developing Integrated Teams”


  • Productive People – From apprenticeships to advanced practice roles we know there are workforce solutions to ease service pressures and provide new career opportunities.
    Presentation by ⇒ Barry Hodgson, Portsmouth NHS Trust – “Technical Apprenticeships and Beyond”
    Presentation by ⇒ Dr Neil Langridge – “Creating an MSK advanced Physiotherapy service within Primary Care”

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