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Wessex Clinical Academic Careers

‘Clinical academics are clinically active health researchers. They work in health and social care as clinicians to improve, maintain, or recover health while in parallel researching new ways of delivering better outcomes for the patients they treat and care for’

Building a Research Career, NIHR (2016)


We want to help aspirant clinical academics and those already on their clinical academic journey, across the Wessex region.

Wessex has a proven track record of supporting clinical academics and making clinical academic career pathways a reality. So if you’re an Allied Health Professional, Health Scientist, Midwife, Nurse, Pharmacist or Psychologist there could be exciting opportunities for you to carry out applied research alongside your practice. 

The NHS has set an ambition to increase clinical research activity. It is known that a research active organisation produces better patient outcomes, in addition to delivering research as an end in itself.

The HEE Research and Innovation Strategy (HEE, 2014) objectives include;

Objective 3 - Develop clinical academic careers to build clinical research and leadership capability for health and social care systems

Objective 6 - Invest in research and innovation and make the most of research that is already available, ensuring it is patient centred and contributes to improving quality of care. 

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