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Leadership Spotlight on Programmes

On this page you will find details of leadership programmes from across the West Midlands.


The Triumvirate Leadership approach is about 3 key roles within a practice team (GP, Practice Nurse and Practice Manager) taking on the leadership role and promoting system change. This approach will allow the organisation to optimise its success and in order to build a sustainable approach for the practice team, by working together the practice can unlock its true potential.

The Programme commenced in spring 2015 working across the West Midlands with 24 GP Practices. Focussing on the following topics areas: Service Redesign, Business Development, Patient Experience, Improving Patient Access, Change Readiness, Leadership in Primary Care, Succession Planning and Programme/Project Methodology the practices came together in action learning sets to support each other in tackling real workplace problems and sharing experiences and learning.

Comments have been:  

“It has improved how we approach all changes in practice not just ones relating to our project”,

“The project management tools are very useful and will be used within future projects within the practice”

 “Team working and general morale has improved"



This year West Midlands have commissioned a Pilot Programme on Leadership and Modality Vanguard Partnership to deliver the new care model programme as part of the Five Year Forward View, organisations and partnerships have been invited to apply to become a Vanguard site.  All staff within the Modality Vanguard will take part in a Development and Assessment centre to identify the specific leadership programmes and opportunities that will meet their development needs. In addition to this we have implemented Teamstepps; this evidence based leadership and teamwork development programme is aimed at safer patient care by improving communication and teamwork skills among health care professionals leading to identified and evaluated improvements.


Systems Succession and Talent Management Focus

This year we re-focused and expanded our approach towards talent management in order to explore succession planning from a systems thinking perspective. This was with the view to developing a West Midlands succession planning position statement, which in turn would inform how we could then help the system respond to future talent challenges. We developed a model combining existing data that we had on system talent with gathering further organisational data, as well as engaging with senior and executive talent networks. This has enabled us to generate intelligence over 2015/16 to inform where we as a system need to invest our resources in the future, with a focus on enabling senior and executive succession development.

What became clear from this work is that a leadership programme is no longer enough to help enable our leaders to reach and be successful within increasingly complex senior roles. Our intelligence reinforces the need to support and nurture more senior talent with bespoke support, mentoring and most importantly stretch assignments and experiential learning in a safe environment to enable their ever expanding jump to ‘being corporate’. Our work has also confirmed the importance of continuing to support our local healthcare organisations to implement their talent and succession approaches and although we are all working towards the same goal, our system is too complex for a one-size-fits-all approach.  Following consolidation of the data we now have a focus on:


Development Assessment Centres - Understanding Personal Potential

Our work as part of the inclusive Talent Management programme identified the need for an impartial way for our staff to understand their career and leadership potential, away from any bias that could be found within a traditional appraisal. Having co-created, piloted and evaluated our multi-layered model of Talent Development Assessment Centres with our regional talent leads network, we were then able to fully implement the framework this year.

We ran three levels of Centres; Career, Leadership and Aspiring-Executive Leadership. These Centres were designed to take individuals through observed real-life scenarios, personality profiling and multi-dimensional feedback to help them gain an impartial overview of their potential and coach them through their next steps. We ran Centres regionally using our Associates’ faculty. Our focus on Centres has meant that over 212 people have accessed a Centre during this year. Participants have said

“I went into it not actually realising the benefit or the effect it would have. It’s changed me, and in a good way. I wasn’t expecting it!”

“After attending I applied for a higher band role. I’m now managing a national process, which I don’t think before the assessment I would have felt confident enough to do”

“Going through the centre first, it pinpoints where your weaknesses are, so you can actually, go on the course ‘knowing’ it’s going to help you, rather than only ‘thinking’ it’s going to help”

To ensure that our model is evidence based, we undertook a research approach to evaluating the impact of the Centres. Part of this research into Centres has been published in the March 2016 edition of the International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy & Research


Leadership Organisational Development Associates' Faculty

With a view to helping our system becoming more self-sustaining and reducing our reliance on external consultancy, we developed our innovative NHS Leadership OD Associates Faculty. These individuals have been recruited from NHS organisations to work as an extended arm of Health Education England, using their existing expertise to develop and deliver leadership programmes and OD interventions across our region.

The driver for developing this approach was to build on existing expertise and to share knowledge and experience through cross-fertilisation and as a result we have established a faculty of 20 associates who we are actively developing, fairly remunerating their organisations for their time, and empowering to work on behalf of Health Education England to deliver interventions at a significantly reduced cost to our system than using external providers. Associates have been involved in delivering the regional Development Assessment Centre model, psychometrics and workshops to gain self-insight as leaders, coaching development, e-learning creation, as well as beginning to offer bespoke consultancy-style support back to our healthcare partners.

We are now exploring the potential of expanding the faculty into a multi-layered model, introducing Executive-Associates who will be able to facilitate dedicated and value-for-money developmental work with Boards and senior leaders.


System Leadership

It is becoming increasingly clear that our leaders need to be enabled and empowered to work across boundaries, in partnership with multiple stakeholders/agencies, and across our ever-changing complex health and care system to truly enable patient-centred services. This year we designed and began delivery of multiple offers surrounding systems thinking and systems leadership.

We incorporated systems leadership as a core offer to our OD network and delivered multiple executive level masterclasses allowing our top leaders to explore and increase their knowledge and skills of systems leadership within a safe and multi-professional environment. We also created a Systems Leadership Programme. This approach is different to most traditional leadership programmes in how it takes an existing team of systems leaders working across boundaries on a common systems-challenge through the programme to enable them to collectively grow as systems leaders. The ambition for this approach is how the team of leaders will re-enter their system as a stronger collective of systems-change champions, speaking a common language, and therefore making their common systems-challenge more likely to succeed. Our systems leadership offers have been fully integrated into the wider West Midlands systems and workforce development framework. 


Coaching and Mentoring

Inclusive Coaching and Mentoring offers are available to support staff across the West Midlands to discuss, explore and challenge themselves on a variety of topics.

To ensure quality outcomes and experiences for people accessing our coaches, we require annual supervision with a qualified supervisor. The evidence from supervision sessions highlights that our coaches are able to demonstrate and evidence safe and ethical practice, with many displaying high skill levels that can be offered to those seeking a coaching intervention.  If you are a qualified coach and would like to have some coachees please register CoachNet, equally if you would like to be coached please  access the coaching register through our coaching portal CoachNet 


Leadership E-Learning Zone

The Leadership E-learning Zone has been established and now has over 400 registrants which is steadily evolving through promotion and now contains the following ten modules:

  • Coaching skills
  • Influencing stakeholders
  • Talent management
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Managing Through Change
  • Managing People
  • Mentoring and buddying
  • Creating an effective team
  • Leadership development

Whilst in certain settings face to face training is invaluable and relevant, it is important to consider different learning styles and other benefits such as less time away from working environments and cost savings that can be delivered through e-learning.  As we want to offer a wider range of access to the leadership interventions we offer, the modules highlighted above have been developed in collaboration with our faculty of associates. Access the Leadership E-learning Zone.


Compassionate Leadership

We would like to commend the Staffordshire and Shropshire LETC geography for launching the compassionate leadership recognition scheme that demonstrates the importance of value of recognition. 

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