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Transforming Health and Social Care Workforce

We recognise the importance of transforming care that meets the needs of all patient and service users. It is committed to working closely with Health, Social Care, Private, Independent and Voluntary sectors to ensure a workforce that is responsive to changing models of care both now and in the future.  Workforce, in its broadest sense, includes anyone (paid, unpaid, volunteers) who provides care to patients and or people who use care services.

In the West Midlands there are five local transformational programme aimed at 'big picture' development which will support present and future care through workforce and service change. The transformational themes are:

Transformation Themes will support:

  • Development of multi-disciplinary training pathways to encourage a joined-up approach across community, primary and secondary care.
  • Proposing and supporting the introduction of new medical and non-medical roles, to compliment the multi-professional workforce.
  • Identifying and retaining workforce leaders, to assist in proposing and progressing workforce change
  • Creating and maintaining effective communication networks to break through traditional cultural and geographical boundaries and allow for effective shared learning.
  • Breaking new ground in training and career development pathways, through innovative pilot and test-of-concept projects

How did they come about?

The transformational themes were created with the new NHS place-based approach which is embedded in the Five Year Forward View and other care reforms by ensuring that the local HEE operating model works effectively and with a level of transparency and engagement - which means we can achieve change and improvement through collaboration. There is a requirement within the Sustainability and Transformational Planning process to support this, which means that there is a strong provider voice and the right amount of local engagement to deliver reforms and transformation at the right pace and scale.

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Integrated Care

Integrated Care is one of five transformation theme programmes established across the West Midlands. 


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