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Archive: Team Resilience


Why we need resilient teams

Organisational life can be challenging and demanding; success depends upon individuals and teams who can respond positively to change and embrace shifting demands. When teams feel overwhelmed, individuals can become disengaged and patient care suffers.

Building resilience

Resilience means being flexible and positive to deliver best results in challenging times.

Our approach is based upon the principles of positive psychology and a strengths-focus. Based upon research, our model captures the key elements that we work with to foster resilience.

How we work

We have experience of delivering programmes as well as developing internal facilitators.

The starting point is to enable individuals and teams to appreciate their current state and context. From this, a flexible programme can be co-designed to focus on specific needs.

We offer a range of activities, resources and support materials that can be adapted to different situations and so reflect the needs of different individuals and teams.

By developing facilitators across an organisation you can have a sustainable internal resource that understands your organisation. Our workshops provide them with the knowledge, skill and motivation to strengthen resilience; plus we ensure on-going support and access to new materials and relevant articles.


Our programmes have enabled:

  • individuals to develop strategies to support mental and emotional well-being;
  • teams to work together productively to take on major challenges;
  • organisations to increase attendance, staff engagement and well-being.

Each of these can impact significantly on patient care and customer satisfaction.

Here is a case-study of one NHS organisation and this is the story (and video) of an NHS team resilience programme .

Dr Mary Holmes: Development Solutions: www.developmentsolutions.org.uk

mary@developmentsolutions.org.uk : 07956 121 465

How to keep a team strong and flexible when facing daily pressures

Resilience is vital as it gives a team the ability to respond positively, to work together well and be motivated to create and work with new ideas. There is increasing evidence from both healthcare and other sectors that resilient teams can deliver increased productivity, provide quality customer service and ensure safe patient care.

Development Solutions (Headpsace) and Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy offered an innovative and unique Team Resilience Programme.

By the end of the programme,16 facilitators across Yorkshire and the Humber launched programmes to many different teams in their organisations, and worked in partnerships to deliver them. 

It enabled teams to thrive by creating a sustainable, supportive and productive workplace.

Overall, the programme encouraged:

  • Positive team working;
  • Improved collaboration;
  • A greater ability to manage complexity.

From the outset, each team was engaged in defining their outcomes in five key areas:

  • Clarity of team purpose and overall direction;
  • Team dynamics;
  • Drawing on team strengths to best effect;
  • Engaging leadership within the team;
  • Working with triggers that cause major problems.

Team Resilience Resources

With thanks to programme providers Mary Holmes and Lynn Scott for their input.

For further information contact:

Development Manager: John Hunter

This Page was last updated on: 4 July 2017

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