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Want more collaboration? Here's how to get it.


Lynn Scott Coaching

Wouldn’t it be nice if our peers, colleagues or managers could be more collaborative?  Wouldn’t work be easier?  We’d get more done in less time without all the hassle.

On a recent leadership programme, the delegates identified seven ways that made it difficult for them to collaborate with others…..(and some of them were honest enough to admit that they were ‘guilty’ of doing some of these same things).

The thing is….. if we want others to collaborate more we have to take a long, hard look at ourselves….…. and then step into the shoes of those ‘non-collaborators’ (but that’s for next week).

Here are the seven ways you could be hampering collaboration (as identified by those leadership delegates I mentioned above):

  • You change the goal posts as often as the wind changes direction (without explaining why);
  • You expect people to be mind-readers and to KNOW what it is you want from them (and you get frustrated when they don’t deliver);
  • You interrupt, dominate and are addicted to being right (so you don’t listen);
  • Your meetings are too long, too convoluted and, frankly, dull;
  • You’re the first to criticise and the last to say ‘thank you’;  
  • You make heavy weather out of every task (wanting long reports that nobody reads… when a couple of paragraphs or a ‘one pager’ is all that is  really required);
  • You want your needs met at the expense of everyone else’s.

YOU may be the very thing that is getting in the way of collaboration.

Lynn Scott

This Page was last updated on: 4 July 2016

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