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Lucy Dyer - my experience so far

10 February 2021

Image%20of%20Lucy%20Dyer%20wearing%20University%20of%20WinchesterI am now halfway through my eight-week placement with HEE, and still loving every second! Over the past four weeks, I have been sitting in on meetings learning about the various aspects of HEE as well as working on our AHP project. 


It has been really interesting to sit in the meetings and observe different types of leadership and be able to develop my communication skills. Whilst also learning and understanding more about HEE and its role, which was definitely something I had no prior knowledge of coming into this placement. In terms of the project, myself and Sam have been in contact with key contacts for each AHP profession and discussed how it is best to speak to their students. As well as asking for their valued advice and opinions with several aspects of the project. We have also worked with the communications team at HEE to create a webpage with details about the project and questionnaire, which includes a pre-register link ready for when the questionnaire is launched on the 15th of February. Last week myself and Sam were also involved in the focus group with the 150 leaders and did a short presentation about the project to the Professional Bodies. 

So far, I feel like my communication and leadership skills have really improved, as well as my confidence. It has been a great experience being able to talk to a variety of colleagues all with very different backgrounds and experiences. I am also learning a great deal when working on the project, before placement I had no idea that I was an AHP, and now I am really passionate in making sure other students are aware of this too! I think a lot of what motivates people to become an AHP is from when they have had a previous and positive experience with the profession, perhaps at a young age. As well I think what stops people is a lack of awareness, especially for the smaller professions. Whilst working with HEE and using experience from past placements, every single profession (no matter how small) is so vital. Therefore this research is so important, as it will allow us to identify reasons and barriers and will allow recruitment work to be way more effective in the future.

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