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My split-placement with HEE

10 August 2020

Over the last 8 weeks, I have been working on the AHP student placement workshop platform, to help create innovative placements for the future. I have been lucky enough to be a part of the workshop the whole way through. Beginning with contributing in professional body meetings with HEE to launch the AHP placement workshop, to analysing the vast amount of data, to creating power points and disseminating the data to the nation and also sense checking with the Council of Deans #150Leaders.

It has been a real eye-opener to see what placements in my final year may look like, including role emerging placements, simulation, and peer-assisted learning, which I have a real insight for after the project. The AHP placement project will keep going after I have finished my placement with HEE, but I have been able to see the project progress and lead some of the work. I am hoping to still touch base with this project now I have finished my placement, to see where it can take us for the future.

During my placement I have also been in touch with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), to tell them all about my split placement, which then progressed to a CSP webinar around ‘different placements’, of which I was able to speak in. To top this off I have also been featured in an article in the frontline magazine!

Throughout my placement, I have improved my skill set, including communication, organisation, leadership, and presentation skills. This was through running the webinars, liaising, and discussing with other professionals within and outside of HEE, and assembling a concise summary of the AHP placement project. My confidence has also improved massively, by having opportunities to speak to different people in meetings and 1 on 1 with professionals.

I have developed a bigger insight into future careers for myself, and I understand that being a Physiotherapist does not leave you in the clinical world forever. There are many more opportunities to progress into, which I am sure I will be looking into later in my career.

To round my placement off I was able to do a national presentation online to 450 people about the findings of the workshop, something I never thought I could do!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement with HEE, working with Bev and the rest of the HEE. I would recommend to any student who has the opportunity to complete a split leadership / clinical placement like mine, it is a very special opportunity.

My top 5 tips for any other student doing a leadership placement is:

  1. Go into the placement with open eyes and be ready to take on anything
  2. Be confident in your own ability- whether you have experience in leadership / organisational roles, push yourself!
  3. Be self-motivated, particularly a virtual placement, you need to have the ‘drive’ to complete things independently
  4. Do not be afraid to ask for help - you are a student; you are there to learn!
  5. Doing a dual role split placement needs lots of organisation and coordination, so be prepared!

I would like to thank Bev, Janice, Fiona, Hugh, Ruth, Jane, Paul, Sharon, Nadia and everyone else I have worked with for being so kind and supportive throughout this placement and for working with me, I will miss this placement hugely!

Posted by Char Hobbs