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Master’s in Genomic Medicine framework: a multidisciplinary first for HEE

HEE’s Master’s in Genomic Medicine framework is designed to provide healthcare professionals with a multidisciplinary perspective on genomics and its applications in healthcare.

Key Facts

  • Established by HEE’s Genomics Education Programme in 2015
  • HEE’s first multi-professional Master’s-level programme
  • HEE GEP-designed curriculum delivered by seven Russell Group universities
  • Flexible learning: Take a single module or build up to a PGcert, PGdip or Master’s

Professional breakdown

  • Administrative and clerical: 3% (75)
  • Allied health professional: 1% (14)
  • Health informatics: 1% (10)
  • Healthcare science: 30% (744)
  • Medical and dental: 39% (963)
  • Nursing and midwifery: 12% (305)
  • Pharmacy: 4% (92)
  • Research: 8% (184)
  • Not provided: 2% (62)

Evaluation highlights (From a 2021/22 survey of 212 learners and 55 managers)

Among learners...

  • 91% of nurses and midwives
  • 82% of healthcare scientists
  • 75% of doctors, and
  • 78% of other professional groups

... said the programme’s inter-professional approach was beneficial to their learning.

  • 86% of learners said the programme enhanced their practice.
  • 86% of learners and
  •  85% of managers would recommend the programme to colleagues.

“It exceeded my expectations in networking with other clinical colleagues and how useful that's been in my job.” --Clinical scientist

“It’s benefited me phenomenally in my background knowledge of genomics, which I now teach to other people.” --Nurse

Key stats

  • 2,449 funded NHS Staff
  • 1,159 Qualifications awarded
  • 1,145 Standalone CPPD modules studied
  • 11,389 total modules created

To find out how genomics is being used in the NHS, visit our website, or sign up to our newsletter!

Master’s in Genomic Medicine framework