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MindEd Hub: a snapshot

The MindEd Hub is a free open access mental health and wellbeing elearning resource supported by Health Education England, which offers more than 500 sessions to support those who work, volunteer, or are studying to work with infants, children and young people and adults. MindEd empowers users with the confidence and skills to understand, identify, and address mental health challenges.

  • Nearly a million enrolments to MindEd sessions since 2017
  • In 2022 over 150,000 sessions were launched, equating to over 53,000 hours of learning  
  • MindEd’s STOMP (stopping over medication of people with a learning disability and autistic people) sessions have provided over 873 hours of learning to users so far since launching in June 2022.

Here’s what users say about the MindEd Hub:

The information provided on the MindEd Hub is straightforward and empowering.

I found the wellbeing course I undertook both easy to follow and highly relevant in building the skills I need to support those I work with. 

Visit MindEd website.

Link to MindED PDF