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Our 2021/22 stakeholder ‘pulse’ survey: snapshot of results

In our third stakeholder survey we asked national partners and stakeholders about their perceptions of Health Education England – including our working relationships, the value we offer and areas we should focus on. For further information read our executive summary.

Here’s the key headlines... 

Our working relationships are… 

  • Constructive with open and honest communication 
  • Long lasting and continuing to get stronger 
  • Improved with new senior leadership who take engagement and collaboration seriously. 

We are valued for our… 

  • Firm focus on education and training 
  • Leadership and convening role in supporting alignment across the system 
  • Understanding of short, medium and long term workforce issues and needs, and the impact of changing models of care 
  • People and culture and understanding of the challenges the system faces. 

We can improve by… 

  • Delivering even greater engagement and collaboration 
  • Greater transparency about our own challenges 
  • Strengthening some of our local relationships 
  • Consistency between national and regional level relationships. 

Our national partners and stakeholders would like us to focus on... 

  • Ensuring workforce, training and education is prioritised as we move into the new NHS England 
  • Supporting and influencing the system at integrated care systems level e.g. help develop workforce planning capacity, support a learning culture 
  • Continued development of the long-term strategic framework for workforce 
  • Workforce development and transformation 
  • Post-pandemic planning and recovery, including mental health and wellbeing for all learners. 

Thank you to all our national partners and stakeholders who contributed to our pulse survey. HEE’s relationships with national partners and stakeholders have never been more important – we are passionate about ensuring we listen, reflect and have honest conversations about the challenges and pressures we face, as well as the opportunities they present. 

For further information visit: www.hee.nhs.uk/our-work