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Population Health Fellowship

Our national Population Health Fellowship for NHS healthcare staff in England aims to develop and grow a workforce of professionals who will incorporate population health into their everyday jobs.

Population health is an approach aimed at improving the health of an entire population. It is about improving the physical and mental health outcomes and wellbeing of people, while reducing health inequalities within and across a defined population. 

In the ethos of public health, the fellowship is multi-professional and targets individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Across the three cohorts so far, we have had 80 Fellows, representing a range of disciplines.    

Disciplines of Fellows 


  • Medicine: 46 Fellows
  • Allied Health Professionals: 17 Fellows
  • Nursing and Midwifery: 6 Fellows
  • Pharmacy: 6 Fellows
  • Managerial, Administrative and Support: 3 Fellows
  • Dentistry: 2 Fellows
  • Total: 80 Fellows

Distribution of Fellows across the Regions


  • East of England: 6 fellows
  • London: 9 fellows
  • Midlands: 12 fellows
  • North East and Yorkshire: 14 fellows
  • North West: 18 fellows
  • South East: 8 fellows
  • South West: 13 fellows
  • Grand Total: 80 fellows

For more information please visit Population Health Fellowship page.