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Programme Accreditation team reach 100 programme milestone

12 May 2023

More than 100 advanced clinical practice programmes have now been accredited by The Centre for Advancing Practice and the NHS England Workforce, Training and Education directorate.

Programmes successfully accredited by the Centre for Advancing Practice have been deemed to the meet the capabilities and standards set out in the Multi-professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England and Standards for Education and Training. 

Building a recognised and visible advanced practitioner workforce is a priority for the NHS and there is a clear and identified need for highly experienced clinicians who are trained to an advanced level of practice.

Programme accreditation offers consistency and provides assurance that education providers offering advanced practice programmes meet the necessary standards for the quality of their education and training and that learners completing those programmes have met all the required capabilities.  

Programmes accredited by the Centre for Advancing Practice are able to use the Centre’s recognised quality mark and are entered onto the Centre’s list of accredited programmes.

Learners graduating from an accredited programme are also eligible for recognition by the Centre and can apply for an ‘Advanced’ digital badge.   

This will benefit staff and patients by ensuring that education and training is of the highest standard, allowing staff to give consistent high-quality care to those that need it.

Natalie Ruscoe, Programme Accreditation Lead for the NHS England Workforce, Education & Training Directorate, and Deputy to the Centre Lead at the Centre for Advancing Practice, said: “Our programme accreditation team would like to acknowledge and thank all those who have made this 100 programme milestone possible.

“Thank you to all of the education providers who have courageously stepped forward and to the regional faculties for their support.

“There’s still plenty for us to do and many more programmes to review, but we are making a difference by supporting and developing a workforce fit for our current and future NHS.”