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Programme Accreditation

HEE is now inviting submissions from education providers seeking accreditation of their Advanced Clinical Practice Level 7 programmes.

Demand survey

Thank you to those who completed the Demand Survey. The survey has now closed and we will be reviewing programme capacity in line with the demand requested. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) who have completed the Demand Survey will be contacted in due course. 

10 February 2021 Update:

We are unable to confirm accreditation submission slots at present as HEE is agreeing plans for 2021/2022. Please be assured that we will contact Education Providers once these plans have been agreed and no further action is required at this stage.

Initial programme accreditation phase – 2020

Initially, only existing Higher Education validated Advanced Clinical Practice programmes that fully map to the Multi-professional Framework for Advanced Clinical Practice in England and the HEE Standards for Education and Training (SET), will be considered for accreditation. There will be no charge to the education provider.

Further information can be found in the June 2020 HEE SET guidance document (see Related Documents).

All potential applicants are also advised to read the 2020 Supplementary Guidance here.

We also have answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about programme accreditation on our FAQs page. If you have any other questions on programme accreditation please email acpprogrammeaccreditation@hee.nhs.uk and we will update our FAQs page accordingly.

We will keep you informed of the progress of your submission.

In due course, HEE will open the opportunity for new and planned programmes to seek accreditation.

The programme accreditation process

Programme accreditation consists of several stages as outlined below: 

  • Stage 1: Completion of online Programme Accreditation booking form
  • Stage 2: Submission of both mapping documents and supporting evidence to Acpprogrammeaccreditation@hee.nhs.uk
  • Stage 3: Initial screening of all applications against threshold requirements
  • Stage 4: Standards Review by Centre Reviewers*
  • Stage 5: Internal and External review 
  • Stage 6: Notification and final processes

A list of HEE accredited Advanced Clinical Practice programmes will be published

*Clarification or requests for additional information may be sought from education providers at this stage.

At Stage 3, checks are undertaken to confirm that all threshold requirements are met including ensuring that all documentation has been received and submission paperwork is fully completed. HEE will also seek confirmatory information from its regional quality teams and Advanced Practice faculties about the programme at this stage and further clarification from you may be required.

Once a complete set of documentation has been received and reviewed, the education provider will be informed and, should they wish, could ‘badge’ the programme as ‘HEE accreditation pending’.

Stage 4 involves an independent review by at least two Centre reviewer. This is followed by internal and external scrutiny in Stage 5. Education providers will receive notification of outcome in Stage 6. Quality assurance processes will require on-going monitoring of all HEE accredited Advanced Clinical Practice programmes.

Accreditation of legacy programmes

The Centre for Advancing Practice (the Centre) is currently offering HEE accreditation to existing validated level 7 Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) programmes. As part of this accreditation process the Centre offers an opportunity for education providers to apply for accreditation of a legacy programme.

It is recognised that there are likely to be differences between your legacy programme and your current programme. If the differences are minor please book a submission slot.

A Legacy Programme is defined as the previous iteration of the ACP programme submitted to HEE for accreditation or the previous iteration of an ACP programme that already holds HEE accreditation.

The date of HEE accreditation for a legacy programme will align to the date the legacy programme was validated by the education provider but will be no longer than 5-years from the validation date of the existing programme.  

An Existing Programme is defined as an ACP programme offered by an existing education provider of one or more ACP programmes. At least one cohort of learners is normally expected to have completed one full year of the programme before an application is made for HEE accreditation.

If you would like further advice please contact us via: acpprogrammeaccreditation@hee.nhs.uk

Please read and complete this form to begin the process to accredit a legacy programme