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Thames Valley

We offer a number of Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) Training Fellowships. The main purpose of these fellowships is to develop the ACP role across a variety of healthcare settings to help utilise a non-medical workforce and build a culture of improved outcomes for both the patient and the clinician.

The main focus of the ACP fellowship is to support fellows to complete an academic programme of study at Masters Degree level and achieve the necessary clinical competencies to gain Advanced Clinical Practitioner status.

In conjunction with this study the ACP Fellow will undertake a quality improvement project. Similar models have utilised the pilot study, the ACPs will participate in Action Learning sets and additional project and research support via an academic support programme.

This will give fellows an opportunity to network, discuss clinical practice and any areas of concern that have arisen. Utilising ACPs across healthcare, could potentially be a long term solution to the shortfall in recruitment and retention of medical staff in a speciality.

It is also acknowledged that it provides a long term career plan for non-medical staff who wish to remain clinical and not take a management focus.

We work with applicants to ensure that they are appropriately supported and networked during this exciting opportunity, to influence the direction of clinical training and have a direct and measurable impact on improving the quality of both patient and trainee outcomes.

Applicants will need to demonstrate a keen interest in the development of a non-medical workforce within a range of specialties (including emergency care, mental health and learning disabilities, children and young people, cardiovascular, midwifery, frailty), patient safety, leadership, education and research & development.

Some guiding principles to consider are:

  • Engagement with clinicians
  • Increased awareness of ACP role and disseminating this to other parties within each trust.
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Project completion
  • Support from Line Manager, Medical /Nursing Director, Dean or Chief Executive of an NHS organisation

If you require further information on this opportunity, please contact Juliet.Thorogood@hee.nhs.uk.

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