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West midlands

The west midlands regional advanced practice programme was the forerunner to the national advanced clinical practice programme.

Locally the programme looked to address the national supply and skills shortages in the medical and non-medical workforce. The vision was to enable a skilled and knowledgeable Advanced Practice workforce to enhance the capacity of current healthcare staff to ensure a quality service for patients, now and in the future.

All work undertaken during the course of this programme was with engagement and contribution from partners across the west midlands. This included HEIs, community, mental health and acute trusts, and primary care providers. The programme consisted of five key themes:

Creation of baseline

Three sources of data were collected; workforce plans for 2014 for Advanced Practice, as well as surveys of HEIs and Trusts. Some main findings included:

  • a varied understanding of Advanced Practice
  • roles were not embedded within Trust workforce plans
  • various job titles
  • lack of standardisation across Trusts or HEIs


A series of workshops were held for representatives from HEIs across the West Midlands.

Agreements were made on:

  • Titles for Masters, Pg Diploma and Pg Certificate courses
  • PgCert indicative learning outcomes agreed.
  • Representatives commencing discussions with their organisations with the aim of being ready for the September 2015 intake.


Advanced Practitioners were engaged to advice on core and specialist competencies.

Delegates brought along their frameworks and job descriptions, discussed core and specialist competencies, identified priorities for Advanced Practice, shared good practice and discussed standardised approach to the deployment of Advanced Practitioners within Trusts.


A plan was developed to define the communication requirements for the Programme. This covered how the workstreams would be delivered, how stakeholders would be engaged with, and how relevant information would be gathered, analysed and shared.


This work stream specifically looked at creating a toolkit for the deployment of Advanced Practitioners. The views of senior leaders of NHS Trusts, directly influenced the development of the framework.

Advanced Clinical Practice Framework for the west midlands

The Advanced Clinical Practice Framework for the west midlands is a multi-disciplinary framework that applies to all non-medical healthcare professionals including nurses, midwives, pharmacists and allied health professionals. The framework has been developed with engagement and contribution from staff working in difference settings across the region in primary care, community care, acute, mental health and higher education.

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