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Work with us

We have a number of positions available for enthusiastic and creative people to help adopt CapitalNurse in south west London.

The opportunities are available to all working in south west London who meet the requirements. The positions are available as secondments for one day a week for up to six months although some flexibility is possible. Backfill funding will be available for employing organisations.


The roles are offered as secondments for one day a week for a period up to six months. There is some flexibility to accommodate different working patterns if required.

Expressions of interest from individuals interested in any of the roles should be in the form of a letter addressed to Sean Farran, Project Lead, CapitalNurse in south west London.

Letters should be no more than two sides of A4 and should

  • specify which role the applicant is interested in
  • set out how the applicant’s interests, experience and capabilities address the role descriptions above
  • confirm that the applicant has the agreement in principle of their line manager or other appropriate senior lead.

Closing dates

Leadership role – to be received by close of business on 7 March 2018.

Other roles – to be received by close of business on 23 March 2018.


For more information and a pre-application conversation please contact Sean Farran, Project Lead, CapitalNurse in south west London.

Opportunities to work with the CapitalNurse Programme in South West London

All of our local organisations are working to deliver demanding workloads and this workstream will provide some capacity to make progress with the ambitions of nurse leaders to influence the strategic agenda and to develop local leadership capability.

We need somebody currently working as a deputy director or similar senior role to work with the nurse leaders in the sector to

• Facilitate collaboration between organisations
• Strengthen nursing input to the STP and other sector-wide processes
• Work with organisational leads and other agencies to develop local leadership and line management building opportunities
• Although not necessarily a nurse, this individual will need to credibly command the respect of senior stakeholders and use their personal authority to exert influence on the nursing leadership in the sector and with wider bodies.

They will need:

 • Experience of working at a strategic level
 • To work in south west London
 • To have previously delivered similar programmes
 • Commitment to the use of co-production principles
 • To be familiar with the objectives of the STP and CapitalNurse and be committed to their achievement
 • The ability to work effectively through networks and teams in a range of organisations to achieve the project outcomes.

The CapitalNurse programme has already developed a range of tools, standards and models that are improving retention in organisations that have adopted them. This workstream will work with organisations in south west London to support the implementation of these initiatives and realise the benefits of reduced turnover.

We need three or four people currently working at band 7 or similar to work with the education and development leads in employer organisations to

• Ensure preceptorship programmes are delivered in line with the CapitalNurse best practice framework
• Improve the adoption of the Digital Career Framework Tool within organisations
• Support local implementation of initiatives that facilitate movement between departments and/or organisations
• Support the development and implementation of qualification in specialism (QIS) programmes where relevant

Between them, this group will need the range of expertise and interests specified below and our selection process will aim to ensure an appropriate balance of these skills within the group. Interested individuals will need to demonstrate at least four of the following.

• Current or very recent experience in clinical practice
• To work in south west London
• Experience of supervising student nurses or newly qualified nurses
• Current knowledge of the education programmes leading to nurse registration and the policy issues surrounding them
• Knowledge of the professional development opportunities currently available to nurses – both formal and informal
• Previous involvement in (preferably leadership of) similar workforce programmes
• The ability to deliver change through effective relationship building, influencing and informal authority
• Knowledge of (and preferably experience of using) quality improvement approaches to methods of project delivery
• Up to date knowledge of human resources policy and practice

The underpinning principles of CapitalNurse are collective action, engagement and involvement, which means the programme has to be as relevant to nurses in day to day clinical practice as it is to policy makers and system leaders. This workstream will work with employing organisations to raise awareness of the programme amongst practising nurses and encourage their contribution to its application.

We need three or four people currently working at band 7 or similar to work with staff engagement leads or their equivalent in employer organisations to

• Work with existing staff forums or help to establish new ones where required
• Use the forums and other workshops as appropriate to identify key retention issues for organisations and generate possible solutions
• Improve organisational processes for recognising and celebrating success
• Share insights between staff at different organisations

These individuals may or may not be registered nurses but they will need a working understanding of the pressures facing nurses in their day to day practice and experience of working in an NHS organisation.

Specifically, they will need:

• To work in south west London
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Experience of facilitating group discussions of varying sizes
• The ability to deliver change through effective relationship building, influencing and informal authority
• To be familiar with the aims and values of CapitalNurse and committed to their achievement
• The drive and resilience to work in an unfamiliar area

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