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Yale and HEE Digital Futures Programme

Using education to prepare the NHS and social care workforce to deliver the digital future.

Using Education to Prepare the Clinical Workforce to Deliver the Digital Future” offers the opportunity for senior teams across the system from ICS/STP footprints to work together to strengthen the capacity of the NHS and social care workforce to:

‘embrace the digital future, realising the full potential benefits for citizens and their families, including improved citizen/patient-clinician/practitioner relationships, more efficient & effective clinical/social care and co-production of solutions’.

The programme is directly responsive to the vision, priorities and current workforce needs highlighted in the Topol Review, “Preparing the Healthcare Workforce to Deliver the Digital Future, 2019.” It will integrate the latest scientific evidence on digital technology innovation, change management, leadership, project management and project-based team learning. Our aim is to encourage and support participants to rethink traditional ways of working to address strategic system-level issues and collaborate more effectively to deliver high quality solutions for the populations they serve.

Working in partnership with Yale University, USA, this international programme will offer a unique and comprehensive learning experience that includes experiential learning, access to vast curricular resources, interaction with top-tier academic and practitioner faculty from both the UK and US, and culmination in a certificate from a world-class university.

The aims of the programme are to expand thinking from local to global, explore and look for solutions to health and social care problems outside of the ‘local system,’ and broaden perspectives. The programme is supported by top academics who bring deep understanding for system level change. The programme will not always be comfortable as it aims to challenge thinking and practice.

Programme audience and required commitment

The full programme cohort will comprise a total of 30 delegates in ten teams. It is aimed at groups of senior leaders. The 2021/22 cohort has a focus on ICS’s or STP footprints and educationalists. Each of the ten ‘trios’ should include the following:

  • A Local Authority lead
  • A Senior Educationalist
  • A senior clinician or manager

Please do not worry if you are not an already established working Trio we just need you to agree that you are committed to working together on a challenge in relation to the digital agenda that is aligned to the priorities in your local health and social care system.

Long Listing Criteria

In order to progress to shortlisting delegate teams will be expected to demonstrate the following:

  • They have secured senior system support to work on a system wide project during the programme;
  • That they have the authority and support to lead, drive and implement a project including establishment of a working group/s and or guiding coalition.
  • Commit to working together as a team and to attend all residential & learning sessions whether delivered virtually or in person for the duration of the programme
  • Commit to sharing the learning from their project across their local system and wider health, care, local government and educational systems during and post programme.

The application pack (which can be found below) contains further details of what is required in respect of shortlisting. Applications will not be considered for shortlisting if the team composition and longlisting criteria are not met in the first instance.

The programme has been commissioned and funded by Health Education England. The course fees include two one-week residential modules; one in the UK and one in the US, access to senior Yale University faculty, food, accommodation, economy flights, course material, and coaching with field assignment work.

How to apply

Any interested participants must complete all questions in the application forms which can be found below.

Each team member/team is required to submit application forms no later than 9am on 30 June 2021 (deadline extended).

Confirmation of successful participants will be announced week commencing 12 July 2021.

If you would like to have a conversation or have any questions relating to the programme please email digitalreadiness@hee.nhs.uk and your query will be sent to the UK programme directors.

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