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Digital Champions Programme Toolkits

Lloyds Bank’s UK Consumer 2020 Index estimated that 52% of people in the workforce lack digital skills in the workplace, and evidence has shown that this deficiency in digital skills extends into the health and social care workforce.

What does this shortfall mean for health and social care?

Everyone who works in health and social care needs to have digital capabilities grounded in knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that will enable them to provide the most effective and compassionate care for patients everywhere. If it’s the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours around digital capability that enable staff to provide the most effective care, then in order to really improve care for our patients, we need to promote the digital skills and confidence of our workforce. By improving digital literacy capabilities of health and social care colleagues, the uptake and adoption of new digital tools and technologies can be improved, and the provision of care transformed.

If Digital Champion support can improve a learner’s understanding of digital technologies and their confidence and motivation to use them, then they provide an important tool to help improve the digital literacy of our workforce and, therefore, the overall quality of care received by our patients.

Digital Champions Programmes are initiatives that are designed to encourage confidence, understanding and motivation by empowering staff to use digital tools more effectively themselves and, in some cases, encouraging staff to pass that knowledge onto colleagues.

The Digital Champions Programme Toolkit

This toolkit will shine a light on the different models of Digital Champions Programmes that are already out there and help you to embed the elements of good practice that will work for your own programme, depending on what attributes you’d like to develop and what the programme is trying to achieve.

PDF icon Digital Champions Programme Toolkit - Apr 2021.pdf

Digital Champions Toolkit Adult Social Care

The Adult Social Care Digital Champions Toolkit has been created to inspire Leaders in Adult Social Care settings to promote others to help colleagues in becoming confident in using digital platforms that can improve those they care for. The toolkit is a comprehensive aid which explains where digital champions have been successful and delivers case studies to help others see the benefits of identifying and encouraging digital champions in their workplace.

HEE have developed the Adult Social Care Digital Champions Toolkit following extensive study in other care settings. 

PDF icon Digital Champions Adult Social Care Toolkit - Jan 22.pdf