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Building Digital into Senior Leadership

Our healthcare organisations are not necessarily adapting as quickly as in other industries, for many reasons, so we are looking more and more to our senior leadership teams to change this dynamic. There are opportunities for us to provide guidance and assistance, particularly at an organisational leadership level and linked to the digital maturity of that organisation.

Analysis from within our own programme identified several dimensions for good digital leadership, for example avoiding failure by understanding users’ needs when delivering change where users (e.g. clinical leads) are not fully engaged from the start.

Our primary and priority strategy offering in this area is a model for digital development and awareness for boards and senior leaders. The intention is to help boards understand how digital can transform their organisation which is particularly prominent following the COVID-19 period where digital has come even more to the fore. Board sessions are being delivered alongside other learning resources such as simple guidance and this is achieved through partnering with reputable, respected delivery partners such as NHS Providers, who can ‘talk the same language’ as the audience and who are also able to secure the precious time of the boards.

Additionally, we are carrying out work to embed digital content into existing leadership learning programmes, as a ‘bolt-on’ learning resource.  And we see importance in linking digital capabilities with emerging talent management initiatives in the system so we can better identify our digital leaders of the future.

If you are interested in speaking to us about how the senior leadership in your organisation could benefit from this work, including potentially arranging a board development session, please get in touch - digitalreadiness@hee.nhs.uk.

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