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Improving Global Health through Leadership Development programme

The Improving Global Health (IGH) programme is a unique and innovative scheme run by Health Education England (HEE).


We recruit volunteers from the NHS who are awarded a Fellowship and are known as IGH Fellows. Each IGH Fellow completes a placement for six months - working with an overseas partner in a resource-poor setting.

Drawn from all staff groups, the IGH programme enables volunteers to develop leadership skills through project work using system-strengthening methods. The projects, based in a number of overseas locations, contribute to improving healthcare in the local area in a sustainable way. Applicants are usually early- to mid-career.



The Improving Global Health programme


- To support the delivery of sustainable improvements in health and healthcare, in collaboration with the IGH programme's overseas partners in their community in resource-poor settings

- To provide an unparalleled personal and leadership development experience for participants who are recruited as volunteers (IGH Fellows) on the IGH programme

- To create a cadre of leaders with system-strengthening skills who are able to make a real difference to the NHS on their return to the UK.

- NHS employees working across England

- Satisfactory completion of Foundation Year 2 if a doctor or dentist

- Experience of working in a Band 6 role in the Agenda for Change scheme for others

Those appointed to the IGH programme attend a four-day induction prior to placement. Included across the four days is a general induction covering administration; public health; presentations on Overseas Partner sites; project planning, implementation and evaluation; system-strengthening methods and education; leadership development. 

Fellows undertake a six-month placement. The scheme is split into four phases:

1. Recruitment

2. Pre-placement preparation (four days)

3. Placement (six months)

4. Post-placement debrief and support (attendance at IGH evening meeting to present project work and additional debrief with mentor).


If you have would like further information then please email the programme team on Improvingglobalhealth@hee.nhs.uk and we will be pleased to answer your questions and send further information.