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Resourceful and resilient change makers programme

The Resourceful and Resilient Change Makers Development Programme was created as a direct result of recommendations emerging from the June 2016 Innov8 Focus Group Report.

This report was commissioned by the Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy as means to understand the capability requirements of individual and teams responsible for implementing diversity and inclusion strategies across NHS organisation within the region.

The findings from the focus group report highlighted that the responsibility for delivering on diversity and inclusion objectives within organisations appeared to be limited to one or possibly two individuals. As a consequence, diversity and inclusion practitioners were often working in isolation and faced a number of challenges in the workplace, such as excessive workloads, lack of autonomy, support and co-operation from colleagues. It was concluded that the lack of shared ownership is likely to be one of the reasons why progress in this area has been slow.

A key recommendation of the focus group report is that diversity and inclusion practitioners should work as a team alongside HR, OD and L&D practitioners.  As a collective this team should have shared responsibility for delivering the desired culture change. It is understood that to achieve this aim the requirements of all practitioners is considerable. Therefore, as a way of supporting the development of this group, the Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy have commissioned the delivery of a bespoke development programme.

About the programme

Over 4 modules totalling 8 days, participants will explore how to:

  • Influence leaders and employees within an organisation to embrace diversity and inclusion
  • Work collaboratively across the organisation to support the development of an organisational culture that nurtures support, respect, care and compassion between staff and patient/service users and between staff members and the management team
  • Create a climate of shared ownership and accountability for delivering on diversity and inclusion objectives
  • Understand different attitudes to change, what might drive these and how to influence people to embrace change more willingly
  • Align diversity and inclusion data gathering activity to the workforce strategy and vision
  • Present data in meaningful and engaging way
  • Overcome resistance to change and setbacks through raised emotional intelligence

Invitation to apply

The Resourceful and Resilient Change Makers programme is aimed at anyone who has responsibility either explicitly or implicitly for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This can include practitioners from the diversity, inclusion, equalities, HR, OD, workforce planning, learning and development functions.

We are particularly keen to take expressions of interest from interested organisations and not just individual registrations. Ideally, we believe there is value from supporting 2-3 people from a single organisation (a maximum of 16 on the programme) to attend this programme. This enables participants to begin working more effectively as a real world and real time change team for your organisation.

To find out more, see the Programme Outline document to download below including details of Skype calls hosted by Programme delivery lead Humaira Ashraf. The closing date for applications is 28 September, please contact leadershipequiries.yh@hee.nhs.uk for further information in the first instance.