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Resources for library staff

We have collated resources for healthcare library staff working in the south west, Thames Valley and Wessex.

The library managers of all the NHS-funded library services in the south west, Thames Valley and Wessex region meet periodically to ensure a strategic, informed, innovative, consistent and effective approach to the delivery of library and knowledge services across the area.

SERC's role is to support NHS libraries in the HEE South area – South West, Thames Valley and Wessex – in the procurement, delivery, exploitation and evaluation of electronic resources.

SERC is the expert electronic resources group for the South West, Thames Valley and Wessex.  The group first met in Feb 2016, and replaces the SWICE and ERSIG groups.

There is a great deal of knowledge and expertise within the SWIMS network which services and individuals are very willing to share with colleagues.

The spreadsheet is a first attempt at capturing the expertise and where it is available. There is a wide range of knowledge out there, from RFID implementation to grey literature, Twitter to proof reading, adding graphics in Word to managing EndNote and beyond so do dip into the resource and see if you can draw upon the skills of others.

Some services offer named individuals with the specific skills and knowledge, otherwise simply contact the service using the details provided in HLISD.

If you feel that you have skills to offer to fellow colleagues, please contact Patrick Edmonds to have your name and expertise added to the spreadsheet.

HEE South CPD Bursary 2017-18

The HEE Southern Geography bursary programme will provide one-off financial payments to support professional development activities which have a demonstrable benefit for both the individual/s and the wider NHS South library and knowledge services community.

The upper financial limit of a bursary payment will be

Individuals   £500
Teams          £750

If for any reason the activity funded by the bursary does not take place, or a training day / conference is not attended, the applicant will be required to repay the amount in full.

Successful applicants will be expected to contribute an article for The Swimming Pool, the regional library newsletter, explaining how the bursary has supported them in their professional development.

Please send completed application forms to patrick.edmonds@gwh.nhs.uk. Applicants will be notified of the outcome within 28 days of their application being received.

Please remember when posting to the lists to ensure that the subject line indicates the target audience and the topic.

Membership of our lists is strictly managed. We welcome requests to join with supporting information, but if not supplied, we check OLIB Web and/or HLISD, and if necessary make enquiries to ensure eligibility.

JiscMail lists

LIB-SOUTH – a closed list for library staff in the South West, Thames Valley, and Wessex covering many topics notably CPD, interlibrary matters (such as speculative requests, last resorts and other impediments to supply, and lost books), information forwarded from NICE about NHS Evidence etc. For management of e-resources, OpenAthens, and the link resolver, please see LIB-SOUTH-ERESROUCES below.

Includes library staff at affiliated SWIMS Network libraries in HE and FE institutions, government and defence some of whom are in the South West and Thames Valley areas and others outside: in Northamptonshire, Lichfield and the Channel Islands. It also includes other NHS and health library staff such as Public Health England staff in our geographical area.

LIB-SOUTH-MANAGERS – a closed list for NHS library managers in the South West, Thames Valley, and Wessex. Deputy library managers can be added at the request of the library manager.

SWIMS-SYSTEM – a closed list for all SWIMS OLIB Web library staff users – to include disruptions, upgrades as well as new features and module information sharing. All OLIB Web users should be on this list.

To join or leave the JiscMail lists please log into JiscMail to request membership, or send your email address to the SWIMS Network Administrators. Also contact them if your email address changes as this will need to be updated in the lists.  More than one email address per person is permitted, for example if you work in two different libraries. However this will mean you will receive the same messages in both email accounts.

More information is available from the JiscMail home page.

To see the archives of the lists of which you are a member, i.e. all the messages sent to the list, go to the JiscMail home page and click on Subscriber’s Corner then follow the links.
Other lists

LIB-SOUTH-ERESOURCES is a closed list hosted by the LKSLs. It's for library staff in the South West, Thames Valley and Wessex administering e-resources and the infrastructure enabling access, in particular link resolver local administrators and OpenAthens local administrators. The list is used to share information on the link resolver interface, the OpenAthens interface, and content access issues, and for raising queries and sharing best practice. To sign up or leave this list please visit the list homepage.

New subscriptions and posting issues are moderated by Jenny Toller and Helen Williams. We will attend to these as soon as we can but please bear with us if there is a delay.

LIS-STANDS is a JiscMail list set up and managed by David Newman. It replaced LIS-TRAINERS.

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